Hundreds of agreements and contracts are outcome of the “Made in Syria” export exhibition

The Made in Syria export exhibition specialized in clothing and production requirements, which concluded its activities on Sunday evening, resulted in reaching hundreds of agreements and memorandums of understanding plus signing contracts to export Syrian textile products of companies participating in the exhibition to foreign markets, especially the Iraqi market.

Eng. Fares Al-Shehabi, Chief of the Federation of Syrian Chambers of Industry, confirmed that the exhibition was very successful compared to the previous ones, whether in terms of the intensive attendance of industrialists or the qualitative presence of Arab businessmen who numbered about a thousand businessmen from several Arab countries. He pointed out that a large number of export contracts for locally produced goods to the markets of Arab countries were signed during the exhibition. This will have a positive impact on the level of support for the production process, producers and industrialists in general.

Eng. Arnous to MP’s for Deir EzzorGovernorate: Insistence on completing the return of citizens to their cities and villages liberated from terrorism

On February 14, the Prime Minister Engineer Hussein Arnous met with members of the People's Assembly (Parliament) from Deir Ezzor Governorate.

During the meeting, Eng. Arnous affirmed the government's determination to repatriate the citizens who had fled their homes due to terrorism .He affirmed that the government is ready their cities to provide basic infrastructure and services.

Eng. Arnous explained the importance of cooperation between the civil society and the government team to implement the approved plan to restore normal life to the governorate and establish vital projects that would support the service and development sectors.

“Made in Syria” Export Exhibition marks Aleppo’s factories return to active production

 The “Made in Syria” Specialized Export Exhibition for Clothes and Textile, currently held in Damascus, presents the best products of Aleppo factories and workshops which have returned to work with strong determination to achieve competitiveness and quality, hoping that export markets will be promising in the near future.

The industrial sector in Aleppo was the target of Turkish-backed terrorist groups who destroyed industrial facilities, dismantled and looted the factories and smuggled them to Turkey in cooperation with Turkish occupation forces.

Some Aleppo industrialists participating in the exhibition talked to SANA about their products, stressing hope that their goods will find markets in Arab countries, particularly in Iraq.

Syrian-made clothes compete with foreign products in price and quality: Arab traders

Arab traders have affirmed that Syrian-made clothes enjoy great popularity in foreign markets and they are highly competitive with foreign products in terms of price and quality.

The traders made the remarks during their tour in the "Made in Syria" Export Specialized Exhibition for Clothing, Textile and Production Supplies, which was opened on Thursday in Damascus with the participation of more than 360 companies.

Imad Taleb, a merchant from the Iraqi province of Al-Basra, told SANA that the exhibition contains high-quality goods and a variety of products that compete with international clothing brands in his country's markets.

With the participation of more than 360 specialized companies, (Made in Syria) clothing and textile exhibition opened

Damascus (ST): Prime Minister, Engineer Hussein Arnous, inaugurated the activities of  Made in Syria Specialized Exhibition  for Clothes and Textile, which is being held in the Damascus Fairs City and jointly  organized by the Federation of Syrian Chambers of Industry and Trade and the Association of Syrian Exporters of Clothes and Textiles and will continue until the 14th of February.

More than 360 companies specializing in men's and boy's clothing, lingerie, women's clothing, socks, cotton, fabrics and production requirements, in addition to shipping companies from different governorates, are participating in the exhibition, distributed among five main stands and spanning an area of 15,500 square meters.

In a statement to reporters, Prime Minister greeted every Syrian industrialist, every worker, and everyone who contributed to the development of local production and the return of the industry to prosperity and development, referring to the governmental efforts made to support and develop this industry, whose positive impact we note through this exhibition.

Eng. Arnous pointed out that more than 360 companies specialized in textile garments of all kinds participated in the event and the presence of more than a thousand visitors who came to buy Syrian textile products and who expressed their admiration and appreciation for these products, their quality, prices and competitiveness.