Syrian Trust for Development secures several job opportunities

Damascus Countryside, (ST) – The Syrian Trust for Development has paved the way for securing job opportunities for people who have undergone training in various professions through working with the owners of businesses and so providing these people with a steady source of livelihood that secures an acceptable life. This job was one of the tasks of the Syrian Trust for Development’s social centers in the Damascus countryside.

The Deir Ali Center (Manara) was keen on employing women who graduated from sewing courses in one of the village's workshops concerned with the production of children's clothes, through working with those in charge of the sewing workshop and knowing their needs. This was affirmed by some of the workers who were met by a SANA reporter at their workplace.

Fawza Muhammad Al-Ahmad, a displaced woman from Al-Hasakah Governorate, indicated that, DeirAli Center (Manara) secured a job opportunity for her in clothes workshop, which provides her with more experience and skill. It provided her also with a steady source of livelihood.

Production manager at the clothes workshop, Jalal Amer said to SANA reporter that, there is coordination and communication with the Deir Ali center to attract people who want to work to find job opportunities for them. 

Rawan Shaheen, a supervisor in Deir Ali Center (Manara)  , affirmed in a statement to SANA reporter that, the center was keen on creating service initiatives in partnership with the people and the municipal council and following up on their implementation.

Al-Khumsiah completes rehabilitation of looms and start of production of high quality products

Despite its location on the front lines which led to it being targeted   by terrorist missiles throughout the years of the terrorist groups' control of Eastern Ghouta, all this did not dissuade the cadres of the United Commercial and Industrial Company “Al-Khumasiah” from working and repairing and rehabilitating its looms and machines.

The company lost  23 martyrs of its cadres  who died either inside or on the way to or from work . However its cadres continue to work and produce with great vigor in maintaining, repairing and rehabilitating what was destroyed by terrorism in an effort to restore most of its production capabilities to what they were  before the war.

Today, Al-Khumasiah has completed the rehabilitation of 100 looms and the operation of  many machines,  according to Mustafa Hilal, the general manager of the company. He indicated in a statement to SANA that the rehabilitation operations began gradually in 2019, starting from the textile department and ending with the laundry.

Hilal noted that the company's plan for the current year includes fully rehabilitating the air-conditioning station, the printing machine and 157 looms, and starting the process of producing high-quality fabrics and bed sheets. He said that the company's losses in the infrastructure, machinery, transport and warehouse due to terrorism amounted to about 12 billion Syrian pounds.

Hilal pointed out that the company's production of cotton and medical gauze continued from 2012 until the beginning of 2019 and during that period the needs of hospitals and health directorates in the governorates were met. He indicated that the annual production of the laboratory amounts to 700 tons of medical cotton.

On the company's production during the year 2020, Hilal referred to the increase of production where the production of fabrics reached 3 million meters, compared with  only one million meters in 2019.

Adib Mansour, head of the company's medical cotton department, pointed out that the production of cotton and medical gauze is 100 percent natural, which makes the product distinct from similar products in the markets through a very high absorption capacity.

Eng. Ayman Suleiman, the technical director of the company, pointed out to the replacement of  all the laundry lines with modern lines, including washing, whitening, dyeing, printing and final processing, pointing out that these lines were damaged as a result of the terrorist war, which forced the company to rehabilitate them.

Inas Abdulkareem

Two bridges in Aleppo put into service after the completion of rehabilitation works

The branch of the Public Establishment of Road Communication (PERC) in Aleppo has declared the completion of the rehabilitation of  Sadcob bridge, which is located on Aleppo southern detour, and the irrigation channel brigade , on Aleppo-Raqqa highway, after they had been destroyed and sabotaged due to terrorism.
The cost of the rehabilitation reached 825.000.000 Syrian pounds, according to Director of the Establishment’s branch, Eng. Ali Al-Khuwailed, who told the Syrian News Agency's reporter that the importance of putting Sadcop bridge into service lies in the fact that it constitutes a road transport junction on the Aleppo southern detour.

Implementing several service projects in Idlib liberated countryside to provide services to citizens returning to their areas

With the aim of providing basic services to citizens returning to their villages liberated from terrorism in Idlib countryside, the Governorate of Idlib launched different projects including the water pumping station in the town of Tah, the “66 KVA” line that supplies electricity in Khan Sheikhoun, and opening a headquarters for the agriculture guidance unit in the town of Abu Dhuhur.

The Governor of Idlib, Muhammad Netouf, stated that work continues to rehabilitate service institutions  destroyed by terrorism to secure the necessary services for the people returning to their liberated areas.

Engineer Muhammad Ajami, Director of the Water Company in Idlib, stated that the irrigation project for the town of Tah serves the townspeople  returning to their villages with water

For his part, Khaled Al-Daher, chairman of the Idlib Farmers Union, said that the agriculture guidance unit in the town of Abu Dhuhur serves 15 thousand hectares of irrigated wheat lands in Abu Al-Dahour and Al-Seha area.


O. al-Mohammad

The Syrian International Investment Development Center launches a competition for economic and commercial initiatives

On February 7th, the Syrian International Investments Development Center Company launched the 1st Economic Forum and the “Republic” competition for economic, commercial and investment initiatives.

Private-owned  companies, industrialists and civil societies organized the activities  under the title “Initiatives to Support the National Economy”.

Participants in the forum will discuss several axes that focus on improving and developing production , opening new foreign markets for Syrian exports and launching the National Participatory Fund to import basic materials.

Dr. Faten Nizam, the Company’s secretary, said that the company  seeks to shed light on global experiences and work to indigenize them at the investment level locally, to reach the stage of self-sufficiency in training and qualification.

Nizam said that  the conditions for applying for the economic initiatives competition is that the contestant must be a Syrian Arab citizen and at least eighteen years of age . The contestant submits his initiative, including economic and investment solutions, to the Initiatives Committee of the company that will undertake the funding for this initiative.

For his part, Eng. Jamal Al-Din Shuaib, Assistant Minister of Internal Trade and Consumer Protection, said that the Ministry will support economic, commercial, industrial or development projects that serve the economy and meet the needs of the local market.

Ali Al-Ahmad, a consultant at the Russian Cultural Center in Damascus, made a presentation on Russian-Syrian cooperation entitled “Visions and Challenges,”.

He referred to the great challenges that Syria faces during this stage, which requires the creation of new tools to stimulate production through the potential for their extraction, activation, and interest in small and micro enterprises.

In turn, the representative of the Iranian embassy, Amin Shukraoui, spoke about the areas of joint cooperation and investment between Syria and Iran.

He said that there are great incentives for investment in Syria and there is a great desire from Iranian merchants and investors to invest in them.

Dr. Bahjat Akroush, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the "Creators for the Nation" Foundation, referred to the importance of partnership between the private and public sectors in the agricultural, industrial, commercial and transport sectors.

The forum was attended by assistants of a number of ministers, a number of parliament members, members of the chambers of industry and agriculture,  and a number of ambassadors and representatives of Arab and foreign diplomatic missions in Damascus.

O. al-Mohammad