Rehabilitation of infrastructure in al-Zara town in Homs countryside continues as more displaced families are returning

Concerned government bodies continue to rehabilitate the damaged infrastructure and improve the service sector in Al-Zara town in Talkalakh area of Homs western countryside as more displaced families are returning to their houses in the area.

The infrastructure of the town was the target of terrorist attacks before the Syrian Arab Army defeats the terrorist groups and expels them from this area.

According to Rula Haweik, Head of the Municipal Council in al-Zara, the number of the families which have returned to the town reached 150, stressing that more families are making restoration works to their houses so that they can return as soon as possible.

Government and local community’s efforts contribute to rehabilitating three damaged schools in Daraa countryside

DARAA, (ST)- Joint efforts by government institutions and the local community in Khirbet Ghazaleh town in Daraa countryside have contributed to the rehabilitation and restoration of a number of schools and public facilities that were damaged because of terrorism. The efforts also resulted in digging drinking water wells.

The rehabilitation works covered three schools in Khirbet Ghazaleh area, according to Radi al-Wanni, Head of the School Buildings Department at the Daraa Education Directorate.

Hama nurseries produce half a million fruitful seedlings to compensate for the loss of agricultural lands in the fire-affected areas

 HAMA, (ST)- The nurseries of Hama Agriculture Directorate have managed to produce half a million fruitful seedlings to be sold and distributed in the coming period in order to compensate for part of the loss in the province’s  fire-affected areas.

Bassam al-Nashar, Head of the Plant Production Department at the Agriculture Directorate, said in a statement to SANA that these various fruitful seedlings will meet the province’s needs of trees at affordable prices with the purpose of reviving the vegetation cover in the province and providing farmers with a variety of plants.

“We plan to provide a huge quantity of olive and apple tree seedlings for free to the farmers whose groves and trees were damaged because of the fires that broke out during the past period,” he clarified, noting the support that will be provided to farmers to revive their damaged agricultural lands.

Covid-19 crisis has hit the economy with sustained weakness, says expert in European Central Bank

Paris, (ST) - The European Central Bank chief economist, Philippe Line, announced that the coronavirus pandemic crisis has hit the European economy with sustained weakness, ruling out the return of European Gross domestic product (GDP) to 2019 levels before the fall of 2022.

"What we are closely watching is the outbreak of the virus, which inevitably restricts consumer behavior more than isolation measures do," he said in an interview with the French newspaper Les Echos, stressing the importance of knowing how long this matter will be.

He ruled out that the last weeks of this year will witness an improvement, noting that as long as the vaccine against Corona is not widely distributed, we will remain in a foggy period.

Securing job opportunities for the families of the martyrs of Syrian Arab Army

Damascus,(ST)- The decision committee on appointing the families of military martyrs (wife and sons) in the Prime Ministry issued new lists for employing the families of martyrs after examining the applications that fulfill the conditions by the committee.

The committee said in a statement that SANA received a copy of today that the new list included 226 people from the families of the martyrs, bringing the number of job opportunities secured for the families of military martyrs since the formation of the committee of 2017 until now to 4890 contracts.

Haifaa Mafalani