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“Made in Syria” monthly Shopping Festival a chance to promote Syrian goods, reactivate socio-economic life

Holding important economic activities is a key opportunity to support the Syrian national economy and to stress that the Syrian industry is recovering despite the coercive economic blockade imposed on the Syrian people. Such activities also reactivate the social and economic life in the country and promote Syrian goods.

The monthly shopping festival “Made in Syria kicked off recently in the city of Jableh in Lattakia’s countryside with the participation of 100 national companies from several provinces and different sectors. The economic festival’s 98th session is held by Damascus and its countryside chamber of commerce.

Re-equipping and rehabilitating the silos and mills of Aleppo

Damascus-(ST)- Eng. Youssef Qassem, General Manager of Syrian Grains, said in a statement to the SANA that the establishment is fully prepared to receive the current wheat season by providing all the necessary supplies for the success of the marketing process in conjunction with good production indicators to date. He pointed out the institution is working to rehabilitate and repair damaged silos in Aleppo Governorate After restoring security and defeating terrorism.

Aleppo-Damascus railway to put into service in May, 2020

The maintenance workshops in the Ministry of Transport are working to repair the railway of Aleppo-Homs-Hama-Damascus to put it into service in May, 2020, Eng Najeeb Al Faris, General of the Establishment of Railways said.

"Economically, the 400-km railway is will have positive effects because it facilitates the shipment of goods and the movement of passengers as well as delivering fuel to generating stations," Al-Faris added.

Turkish lira drops to the lowest value since May

Ankara, (ST) - The Turkish lira fell to its lowest value against the dollar since last May.

The Turkish lira declined by 0.7 percent to reach 6.14 against the dollar and lost 3 percent of its value so far since the beginning of this year.

The Turkish lira tumbled about forty percent during the past two years and continued its decline as a result of the high levels of foreign debt of Turkey in light of the reckless economic policies of Turkish regime of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.


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Agreements on exporting different Syrian food products signed at Gulfood 2020 in Dubai

DUBAI, (ST)- Tens of agreements and contracts on exporting different Syrian food products to the world markets were signed on the sidelines of the Gulfood 2020 exhibition recently held in Dubai.

The Syrian pavilion in the exhibition witnessed huge turnout of visitors during the five days of the event as the Syrian food companies had exhibited a variety of their best and newest production.

Director General of the Local Production and Exports Support and Development Agency Ibrahim Maidah said in a statement to SANA that the Gulfood this year was a new opportunity to promote and market the Syrian products and to enhance their presence in foreign markets.