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On the 73rd anniversary of Deir Yassin massacre, the occupation atrocious crimes continue in Palestine

Occupied Jerusalem (ST): Today,  memory evokes the Deir Yassin massacre committed by the Zionist terrorist gangs against the defenceless Palestinians 73 years ago, in which hundreds of people  were martyred.

Deir Yassin massacre is one of the most heinous atrocities committed by the Israeli occupation and it cannot be erased from the Palestinian memory, not only by its many   martyrs who were killed by Israeli criminal gangs, but because it paved the way for  successive sinister plans to displace Palestinians from their lands, and liquidate their cause and their legitimate rights.

The terrorist attack on the village of Deir Yassin, west of occupied Jerusalem, began at dawn on April 9, 1948, when the Zionist terrorist  gangs of Irgun and Stern used various kinds of weapons without distinguishing between a man, a woman and a child.

Turkish regime and Al-Nusra Front are partners in terrorism and aggression against Syria

“A partnership in the shedding of Syrian blood” is  a prominent feature that links the Turkish regime to the terrorist organization Al-Nusra Front and at the same time meets the targets of Washington and the West in Syria.

Nicholas Heras, a Senior Analyst and Program Head for Authoritarianism at the American Newlines  Institute for Strategy and Policy, told Ahval website that  "Al-Nusra Front, which calls itself Hayat Tahrir Al-Sham, cannot survive in Idlib without Turkish support."

American media gives Washington terrorists a glowing image in preparation for another mission

American media is trying again to give a glowing image to Washington’s terrorists in Syria and the region to re-present them with new names in preparation for their use in other missions. Giving the leader of the terrorist Al-Nusra Front (Abu Muhammad Al-Joulani) a glowing image through the American media a few days ago can be considered as the start of the new mission of this terrorist organization, which has been placed on the United Nations list of terrorist organizations.

The American Television Network (PBS) station, in partnership with the American website (Front Line), granted Al-Joulani  a platform to polish his image and defend his terrorism during interviews that took place on February 1 and 14 with the site's correspondent Martin Smith, who arrived in Idlib from Turkey, which has become the main center for the infiltration of terrorists and their supporters into the Syrian territories.

Western countries trying to compensate for the defeat of their terrorist tools in Syria through imposing unfair sanctions on the Syrians: French diplomat

Over the past ten years, Syria has been facing an aggression by western countries that have supported terrorism in the country and which are now trying to compensate for the defeat of terrorist organizations through imposing unfair coercive measures against the Syrian people, Michel Rimbaud, a French diplomat and former French Ambassador, said in an article published by “RT” French.

“What Syria has been witnessing over the past years is similar to the scenario adopted by Western countries to destroy Iraq in 2003 based on a set of lies and allegations. However, Syria resisted this aggression thanks to its steadfastness and the support of its allies,” he added.

Russian experts and political analysts confirmed that the steadfastness of Syria’s army and people, has foiled the terrorist war and the plans that target it.

During a videoconference in Moscow, a number of Russian experts specializing in Middle East affairs and American studies presented a report in which they exposed the true goals of American policy and the illegal presence of Washington on Syrian territories.

The director of the Institute for the Countries of Asia and Africa of Moscow State University, Igor Abelagaziev emphasized that the United States' practices in Syria are not much different from its aggressive actions in the rest of the world to achieve its own interests and goals without paying attention to the high price that peoples pay for this. He pointed out that the entire history of the United States after World War II is an embodiment of the policy of aggression and the practice of the policy of scorched earth.