Resolving Syrian refugees crisis necessitates putting an end to economic war on Syria

Over the past years, the European Union' view on the Syrian refugees file has been proven to be quite ineffective and needs -at the very least- to be redefined and redesigned, according to Member of European Parliament Athanasios Konstantinou.

The parliamentarian said in a statement to the Syria Times e-newspaper that the Syrian people have been in the center of a humanitarian turmoil for some years now and powers like E.U. must use their influence for a just and unprejudiced ending.

The EU member states’ foreign ministers and the High Representative, who have received an invitation to a conference on the theme of refugee returns, on 11-12 November, in Damascus., have rejected attending it under the pretext that the conference is premature.

US activist to Mr. Biden: End the aggressions against Syria

US activist has underscored that there is no justification whatsoever for Washington's endless attempts to literally take control over Syria's future. 
Janice Kortkamp, who has visited Syria several times,  said the Syrian people are suffering and have been suffering for nearly 10 years as a direct result of the US and allies' regime change actions against them. 

Irish Politician to ST: Turkey uses Syrian refugees as a bargaining chip in its relations with the EU

Irish politician Clare Daly has argued that the EU is paying Turkey to prevent Syrians from reaching Europe, rather than working with Syria to restore favourable conditions for them to return.

She has made it clear that the colonial partition of the region by Western European powers after World War 1 laid the foundations of the conflicts that we have today.  

The remarks of Mrs. Daly, who is a Member of the European Parliament from Ireland for the Dublin constituency, came during an interview with the Syria Times e-newspaper.  

Here below the full interview: 

Dr. Ibrahim Alloush elaborates on how Syria can face the current acute economic crisis in it

Syria needs the help of its allies to help it overcome the effects of the siege and the sanctions as the nature of the war on it has changed drastically, with an emphasis on the economic front, according to the Arab political intellectual and University of Damascus economist Dr. Ibrahim Alloush.

Syrian Armenian MP to St: Azerbaijan’s aggression on Artsakh serves US interests

The Syrian Armenian Member of Parliament Dr. Nora Arissian has argued that Azerbaijan’s aggression on Artsakh [AKA : Nagorno-Karabakh] is dangerous as it has been pre- prepared and it is being supported directly by Turkey in a clear violation of the international law.
"This aggression will cause instability on the borders of the Collective Security Treaty Organization and poses a threat to the peoples of the region," the MP said in an interview with Syria Times e-newspaper.