German politician welcomes Russian-Chinese veto of draft Security Council resolution on Idleb

The German politician and member of the Alternative for Germany (AFD) party Dr. Christian Blex has welcomed yesterday's Russian-Chinese veto of draft Security Council resolution, submitted by Germany, Belgium and Kuwait, aiming at providing protection to the terrorists in Idleb through calling for a halt to all combat operations in the province.

He told the Syria Times e-newspaper: "I expressly welcome the Russian-Chinese veto and its counterproposal as the terrorists in Idleb are not only the enemies of the Syrian people but of every civilized state."

The German politician finds it shameful that the Merkel government is trying to protect Islamist terrorists from their defeat.

He made it clear that the draft resolution of Belgium, Germany and Kuwait follows the foreign policy doctrine of the Merkel government, which is completely uncritical to the Islamists and blames President al-Assad's government alone.

"There was probably also US pressure in the background," Dr. Blex added.

He criticized the sharing of the naive view of the "democratic" resistance to the Syrian government by all other parties represented in the Bundestag, with the exception of his party (AFD).
"Since the beginning of the war, the Merkel government has been telling the tale of a "democratic" resistance to the Syrian government. The German government has also secretly supported the Islamist regime change, in line with the globalist doctrine of the former Obama administration," he stated. .

Dr. Blex underscored that because of the illegal mass immigration of 2015, the Merkel government can not leave this course for domestic political reasons.

"Mrs. Merkel would otherwise have to admit that she lied to our people for years," He concluded.

Interviewed by: Basma Qaddour