"The Syrian Golan"

In 1967 Israel occupied the Golan not only in adherence to its expansionist policies but because of all the symbolism that the Golan carries.

Referred to in the bible many times and favoured with fertile soil and plenty of water it was a focal point for Israel.

United Nations Security Council resolutions 242 states clearly that Israel should withdraw its armed forces from the territories it has occupied- but unfortunately all that this resolutions amounted to was ink on paper.

In a breakaway move Trump on the 21st march 2019 signed a presidential proclamation recognizing Israel's sovereignty over the Golan- his excuse was, for committing this illegal act, that the Golan if not in Israeli hands poses a threat to Israeli security and stability. He also wanted to reinforce the position of Netanyahu in Israel's legislative elections.


However this was something that US politicians had been thinking about for some time. In 1975 president Gerald Ford in a letter to Rabin stressed the importance of the Golan for the Israel's security. He says "The US  will support the positions that an overall settlement with Syria in the framework of a peace must assure Israel's security from attack from the Golan Heights". He continues saying, "The US has not developed a final position on the borders. Should it do so it will give great weight to Israel's position that any peace agreement with Syria must be predicated on Israel remaining on the Golan Heights".

It follows then that the ratification of the Israeli Knesset in 1981 was a move emboldened by the US stance in this issue. On December 14, 1981 the Golan Heights Law was ratified by the Israeli Knesset which meant that Israeli law and government applied to the Golan Heights. This amounted to the annexation of the Golan by Israel-a move condemned widely and publicly by all countries, including the USA.

However the U.S's condemnation was, if true, very short lived as it quickly resumed its "strategic pact and arms deal" with Israel.

The U.S's secret blessing of the actions of Israeli can be further seen in 2016 when Netanyahu in a cabinet meeting in the Golan called on the world to recognize Israel's sovereignty over the Golan and then he vowed never to give it back to Syria.

In 2019, in an annual global human rights report the U.S. State Department changed its usual description of the Golan Heights from "Israeli occupied" to "Israeli controlled" the trend is obvious here as the U.S. shifts more and more in the direction of completely acknowledging Israel's sovereignty over the Golan.

So the Golan now, a Syrian land, populated by the Syrian people, recognized by the U.S. only as Israeli, will soon have a Jewish settlement on its land called "Trump Heights" A farce beyond all farces looked on disapprovingly by the world, yet this very same world unwilling to lift a finger to do what it knows is right.   

Reem Haddad

Editor in Chief