Carla Ortiz has been deeply touched by tragedies that Syrian female Christian volunteer fighters went through in Suqaylabiya town

It was my loss to miss the opportunity to meet the Bolivian Diva actress and activist, Carla Ortiz, when she came to my country Syria last month. But, I have the honor to show in this report the reason of her recent visit and what has taken her breath away as she visited more than 8 cities in few days and got to places that before were literary impossible to get to because of the intense exchange of fire.

Ortiz, who has made more than 10 trips to Syria, posted on her Facebook account a video worth watching bout her sharing time with female Christian volunteer fighters, who defend the secularity of their country and their families as their husbands and children had been killed by terrorist groups.

 “The highlight of my recent trip was Suqaylabiya a little Christian Town to the north -west of Hama, where I met some female volunteers that after losing their family became fighters… I can’t dare to tell the tragedies this women went through in one video... One woman lost her husband and child in the main square while they were enjoying an ice cream ... they were hit by a missile. So, she decided to become the mother of every other child in her hometown.... how can I show this in an honourable way?' she told the Syria Times e-newspaper via Whatsapp interview.

The Bolivian actress went on to say: “In the west it is hard to imagine that a mother is pushed to take a weapon because of a group of people that believes in beheading and that women are not worth the same as any other regular human being.”

She indicated that the message of those volunteer fighters to the world is that they just want a Syria that is secular, a Syria without terrorism where they can decide their future without any more killing. “THEY WANT PEACE!”

No one wins a war

Ortiz also went to Aleppo and some areas recently liberated by Syrian army in Hama and Idleb.

“The rebuilding of the Aleppo souk [Market] took my breath away and the countless amount of new places for social entertainment…But one thing that touched me deeply was my visit to Taman’aa & Khan Sheikhoun towns in Hama. It breaks my heart to see desolate areas and civilians in the wait to go back home and the amount of underground tunnels still with weapons.”

The Syrian army liberated Taman’aa town one week after it liberated Khan Sheikhoun city in the south of Idleb from terrorist groups on August 22, 2019.

Ortiz came to Syria last month because she wanted to get the closest she could to the conflict in Idleb.

“It worries me so much the casualties on all sides while the war continues. I wanted to understand better how everything  was evolving while one of the last strongholds of extremist groups where being under fire,” she stated, affirming that her recent trip gripped her heart in many ways.

“It has inspired me to take steps further to continue conversations of reconciliation. Because no one wins a war. Regardless of who is declared victor, the devastation and destruction of lives is unacceptable. It’s time we all as human beings take a stand to stop all possible wars,” Ortiz added.

She believes that her duty as a woman of fate is to show the power that love and light can get over all darkness and hate.

We must step away from politics and give ourselves a chance of reconciliation on our differences,” the activist concluded.

This is the link of the video posted by Carla Ortiz of her FB account:

Interviewed by: Basma Qaddour