German politician to ST: Hezbollah's support for Syrian government in fighting terrorism is against the interests of Israel and US

German politician Dr.  Christian Blex made it clear that the government of his country has banned Hezbollah because this makes it easier for German politics to yield to the political pressures of the USA and Israel. 
In an interview with Syria Times e-newspaper, Dr. Blex said: "Hezbollah's support for the Syrian government in the fight against the Islamist terrorists that are supported by the West-a fact which is withheld from the German public, certainly plays a role here, as it is directed against the interests of Israel and the United States."
He cited that since the end of the Second World War, German foreign policy, like that of the United States, has been very much geared to the interests of Israel, although the German media are sometimes critical of Israel's policy regarding the occupied territories.
"Since the Islamic Revolution in Iran, public opinion and politics have had a negative attitude towards the Islamic Republic. Hezbollah as a strongly religious Islamic organization supported by Iran has no sympathy with the secular German public."
Hezbollah's Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah asserted in his speech yesterday that Germany failed to submit proof of terrorist act allegedly attributed to Hezbollah. 
Germany's move against Hezbollah is adopted as the world is preoccupied with Coronavirus crisis and the US Administration's refusal to contribute to the global efforts to fight the virus. 
The German politician beleives that the public panic in many western countries regarding Covid-19 is exaggerated. 
"Although more and more German and international scientific studies show that the mortality rate of Covid-19 is on the order of a flu, many western states are ruining their economies and massively restricting civil liberties due to the public panic caused by the media. An exception to this is Sweden, which takes a very rational and reserved path without ruining the economy.In the United States, too, it is the democratic governors in particular who follow the media panic most," he stated. 
Dr. Blex, the AFD [Alternative for Germany or Alternative für Deutschland] Member of Parliament,  pointed out that the US democratic governors in particular 
follow the media panic most. 
" I think President Trump has recognized the danger to the society and the economy from the excessive measures. The WHO unfortunately also contributes to this panic and made serious mistakes at the beginning of the Covid-19 epidemic.The Trump administration's refusal to continue funding the WHO is only consistent and I personally welcome it." 
He criticized the German government for being completely uncritical of the WHO, affirming that the economic and social damage to Germany will be serious.
Interviewed by: Basma Qaddour