French Lawyer to ST: International lawyers are ready to initiate legal action against the "Caesar Act" imposed on Syria

About a dozen international lawyers are standing ready to initiate legal action in every country which is participating in the implementation of the so-called "Caesar Act", which was signed as a law by President Trump in December 2019, and came into force against the people of Syria on June 17, 2020, according to the French Lawyer Arnaud Develay.
The lawyer, who represents a group of attorneys solely concerned with the violations of humanitarian law , who are standing ready to act in their respective countries as of this moment,  is now holding talks with Syrian lawyers to define the appropriate actions that will be adopted to confront the 'Caesar Act".  
He told Syria Times e-newspaper: " The appropriate actions that will be taken are currently being debated and we shall for the moment refrain from revealing any details but rest assured that members of the delegation are each standing ready to initiate legal action in every country which is participating in the implementation of the Caesar Act."
"Moral obligation"
Develay underscored that the upholding of the rule of law in the realm of international relations is a goal which every state ought to support, pointing out that some states- unfortunately- believe that they can skirt their obligations on the basis of a so-called "moral obligation" which is used to advance purely political motives and geopolitical interests."
Asked about the reason of the presence of French soldiers in Syria, the lawyer said: "French operatives as well as operatives from other Western countries claim to be in Syria as part of a coalition whose objective is to "help fight terrorism". The truth of the matter is that they have not sought permission from the government of the Syrian Arab Republic to deploy their troops in the country and as a result, they are violating Syrian sovereignty." 
World media reports affirmed that wherever there is U.S. interference, there is al-Qaeda and ISIS. It’s to their advantage.
The Russian President Vladimir Putin said in 2015: " It is always difficult to play a double game: declaring a fight against terrorists and simultaneously trying to use some to place pieces on the Middle Eastern chess board to pursue their own interests… but is beheading people moderate?
Reports that US-led coalition's aircrafts carrying arms to ISIS were shot down by Iraqi forces (Iraqi News 2015) were met with shock and denial in western countries.
The key myths remain important, especially to western audiences. Engaging with those myths calls for reason and evidence, not just assertion.
Develay, in addition, asserted that the deployment of foreign troops in Lebanon is definitely a source of concern.
"The central question is under what authority are they deployed? Has the Lebanese Parliament voted in favor of such deployment? Has the Lebanese Presidency issued a decree allowing for their actions? Why wasn't the issue discussed at the UN Security Council? In the absence of a clear mandate, the situation is worrying and bears all the characteristics of a "fait accompli"," he clarified
The lawyer concluded by saying: "By all accounts, Syria is and has long been targeted simply for having exercised an independent and sovereign foreign policy. Such policy happens to include unconditional support for the rights of the Palestinian people."
Interviewed by: Basma Qaddour