Syrian Armenian MP to St: Azerbaijan’s aggression on Artsakh serves US interests

The Syrian Armenian Member of Parliament Dr. Nora Arissian has argued that Azerbaijan’s aggression on Artsakh [AKA : Nagorno-Karabakh] is dangerous as it has been pre- prepared and it is being supported directly by Turkey in a clear violation of the international law.
"This aggression will cause instability on the borders of the Collective Security Treaty Organization and poses a threat to the peoples of the region," the MP said in an interview with Syria Times e-newspaper.
She reckons a change in dealing with this file at a regional level in accordance with the cooperation agreement between The Commonwealth of Independent States.
"Undoubtedly, the expansion of conflicts might threaten security and sovereignty of Armenia and nearby countries….The ongoing conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan over Artsakh has been categorized as the fiercest since 2016 and it’s a renewed aggression on the Armenian people," Dr. Arissian added, referring to the fact that the previous conflicts last summer fell on deaf ears and were ignored by the international community.
As for the timing of the conflict, the parliamentarian made it clear that popular pressure in Azerbaijan, procrastination in implementing the outcomes of the OSCE Minsk Group and the US presidential elections are behind the current conflict.
"My take is that the current conflict will lead to the involvement of Russia and it will serve US interests. The only beneficiary from the conflict near Russian and Iranian borders is the US because of the importance of the position of the disputed area from economical and geo-political aspects for Russia, Iran and Turkey," Dr. Arissian said.
She went on to say: "It is obvious that Armenia has not sought to launch a war and this was confirmed by the Armenian foreign Minister. Armenia has rejected resolving the conflict over Karabakh militarily. On the other hand, the Turkish President asserted in his recent statement his country’s full support for Azerbaijan and this has been manifested in intelligent and military support and transporting mercenaries from Syria to Azerbaijan."  
She underlined that Israel is Azerbaijan’s ally in several fields, especially arms.
Moreover, the parliamentarian asserted that Armenia depends on Russia and several other countries in the field of defense.  
"Peaceful political solution to the conflict over Karabakh has been tackled by the Minsk Group, which is composed of Russia, France and the US that play a key role in controlling the escalation of the conflicts," she indicated.
Concerning the history of conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan over Nagorno-Karabakh region, Dr. Arissian clarified that the political conflict between Karabakh and Azerbaijan dates back to 1918 after the establishment of a country called Azerbaijan following the collapse of the Russian empire.
"The conflict resumed in 1988 and gradually escalated and turned into an armed conflict when Azerbaijan rejected peaceful and popular demand for annexing Karabakh to Soviet Armenia. This is what happened during the collapse of the Soviet Union when independent states started to emerge in south of Caucasus."
"In 1988, the self-governing Nagorno-Karabakh region submitted a petition to the central government in Moscow to annex the region to Soviet Armenia, knowing that the region is an independent entity in the Soviet Azerbaijan but it is an Armenian land historically."
The MP underscored that the language of war and hate which has been adopted by Azerbaijan and Turkey for long decades is still escalating tension in the region. "We have to know well that the Armenian people do not only face Azerbaijan but also Turkey, which has expansionist ambitions in Caucasus and the Middle East as well."
She pointed out that Syria calls for peaceful solutions and condemns the attack against Armenian people. "Syria calls for peaceful solution in accordance with UN resolutions."
"The world has to realize that the historic friendship relations between Syria and Armenia will continue and they have enhanced through Armenia’s stance towards the terror war on Syria, which has suffered from Turkish terrorism. The Syrian and Armenian peoples give lessons in steadfastness and the ability to confront all forms of terrorism and Turanism," Dr. Arissian concluded.
Interviewed by: Basma Qaddour