Syrians: Syrian Arab Army is able to put an end to terrorist crimes and eradicate terrorism from every inch of Syrian territory

Governorates (ST): Instructed by their operators, the terrorist tools renew their attacks against Syrians targeting their security and stability in the areas liberated from terrorism in an attempt to obstruct the efforts being exerted by the state to restore normal life and increase the suffering of the Syrians. But the Syrians are determined  to rally behind their army and continue relentlessly the process of building and construction of their homeland.

Syrian citizens held the states which support terrorism, on top of which are the US and the Turkish regime, responsible for supporting terrorist organizations in launching attacks against the Syrian people, the latest of which was the terrorist attack on a bus  in the Syrian Al-Badia region which caused the martyrdom and injury of a number of citizens and army personnel.

Amongst the opinions taken:

Arabiya Mohammad said that the battle has not finished yet, noting that the terrorist organizations were trying to say that they are still present despite their humiliating defeat.

Mohammad Ahmad expressed confidence that the terrorist attempts are doomed to failure and would not dissuade the Syrians from pressing ahead in their struggle to eliminate terrorism.

Hussam Shariha said that all the terrorist organizations with their different belongings receive support from the US and Israel, stressing that the Syrians realize well that these organizations are tools operated by the US, Israel and their allies. 

Essa Kateba said that the terrorist attacks, the unilateral coercive measures and the recurrent Israeli attacks are different faces of the same coin. But the Syrian people and their brave army are more determined to continue the battle of liberation and construction unabated.

Rana hammoud said that these attacks give new evidence of the connection between the terrorist organizations, the Turkish regime and the US.  She added that the escalation of terrorist attacks is not strange in light of the US policies towards Syria, as they are not spontaneous attacks, but rather they came meticulously and in coordination with international intelligences because America supports terrorist organizations in Syria such as Daesh “ISIS” and Jabhat al-Nusra and QSD militia.

Amer Sarhan affirmed the adherence of Syrian people to Syria’s sovereignty, unity, territorial integrity and independent national decision.