Amin Hotiet to ST: Israel has not achieved the goals of its attacks on Syria at strategic and military levels

Lebanese strategic and military expert retired Brigadier General Amin Hotiet has argued that the only way to confront the Israeli enemy's repeated attacks on Syria necessitates the possession of double military power system,which is not available now for several reasons. 
This power will both confront the attacks and target the heart of the Israeli enemy, but Syria has not  yet moved towards possessing it because of its priorities list in which the liberation of all Syrian territories from terrorist groups is No.1.
"Syria is busy with cleaning its territories from terrorist groups and it does not want to fall into the Israeli trap that aims to drag Syria into new battlefields," the expert clarified in an interview with the Syria Times e-newspaper, pointing out that it is impossible to confront the Israeli attacks legally because Israel is supported by Washington whose acts are above the law. 
The Israeli enemy's repeated attacks on Syria have realized nothing at strategic and military levels, but they destroyed a number of buildings and left casualties, according to Hotiet, who described the Israeli attacks as criminal acts. 
"Israel always carries out its attacks on Syria not for acheiving the goal it announces. There is coordination between Israel and terrorist organizations in regards of attacks... 
All Israeli attacks on Syria have 3 goals. The first goal is to raise the spirit of terrorists and to reinforce their presence. The second one is to prevent Syria from investing in its military achievements, while the third is to push Syria to change its priorities," he stressed. 
Regarding Israel's repeated violations of Lebanese airspace, Hoteit said that Israel uses the Lebanese airspace as a vital space for training and observation and for targeting Syria. 
" These violations will continue as long as Lebanon does not possess an air defense system," the expert said, indicating that his country is not allowed to posses such system due to the US pressures that prevents Lebanon from buying weapons from the East and the deteriorating financial situation in Lebanon. 
Since the start of this year 2021, Israel has carried out 2 attacks on sites in southern region and in Der Ezzour Ezzour city and Al-Bokamal area.
Interviewed by: Basma Qaddour