Prof. Michel Raimbaud to ST: If I were the Lebanese legal government, I wouldn’t meet Mr. Macron’s demands

The Former French diplomat Prof. Michel Raimbaud believes that the real goals of Macron’s visit, that was surely undertaken  with Trump's blessing is to bring Lebanon to request and accept international (i.e. western) assistance for the reconstruction  for  years to come, to isolate even more strictly Syria and to prevent the realization of the route linking Iran to the Mediterranean Sea.

Syria’s electoral system holds lessons for SA

It is indeed remarkable that Syria was able to hold parliamentary elections despite this time of duress that the country is passing through. Sanctions, the Caesar Act, continuous attacks on Syrian land by Turkey and Israel and of course the pandemic that has been raging through the world with no exceptions-only for Syrians, due to sanctions they are at an even further disadvantage as they are unable to secure basic requirements for fighting corona .Despite all of this Syrians grit their teeth and went to the polling stations to vote for their representatives in parliament.

In this article Reneva Fourie comments on Syria's parliamentary elections and favorably compares them to South Africa's:

Alexander Azadgan to ST: the "Caesar Act" is supposed to twist Syria's arm to negotiate with trump and his mafia

The Regime in Washington cowardly   incorporated  part of the "Caesar Act" act in what they call the national defense authorization act  for Fiscal Year 2020 , Alexander Azadgan, who is professor of International Political Economy in Southern California told Syria Times e-newspaper.    
He made it clear that the "Caesar Act" aims to sanction Syria's infrastructure , military and intelligence agencies, energy production and to  strike individuals and companies who provide funding and assistance to Syria pinpointing Iran and Russia,  who are assisting Syria in her great time of need specially since 2011.

USA seeks to drive regime-change by starving the people of Syria

By:Reneva Fourie

The United States of America has intensified its economic warfare against the people of Syria. Battered by a 9-year war that resulted in investment and capital flight; and infrastructure and industry destruction, Covid-19 came as a heavy blow to the ailing Syrian economy. The most devastating however has been the ongoing, escalating, illegally imposed USA-driven, and European Union supported, sanctions against Syria. 

Exclusive Interview with SYRIA TIMES Newspaper

Ambassador Ja’fari: “Main Victim of Caesar Act is The Syrian Citizen.”


The Caesar Act comes at a time when the whole world is suffering not only in the health arena (Covid-19) but also in the financial one.

 Syria specifically is suffering from great duress. Coming out of a ten year long war which has exhausted the country in all its sectors, Syria now faces more hardship.

Sanctions have long plagued Syria, European and American ones. Since the war started on Syria, the USA and the West have sanctioned Syria, starting with Syrian companies and Syrian individuals and ending with non Syrians that trade with Syria.