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Carla Ortiz has been deeply touched by tragedies that Syrian female Christian volunteer fighters went through in Suqaylabiya town

It was my loss to miss the opportunity to meet the Bolivian Diva actress and activist, Carla Ortiz, when she came to my country Syria last month. But, I have the honor to show in this report the reason of her recent visit and what has taken her breath away as she visited more than 8 cities in few days and got to places that before were literary impossible to get to because of the intense exchange of fire.

Ortiz, who has made more than 10 trips to Syria, posted on her Facebook account a video worth watching bout her sharing time with female Christian volunteer fighters, who defend the secularity of their country and their families as their husbands and children had been killed by terrorist groups.

"The Syrian Golan"

In 1967 Israel occupied the Golan not only in adherence to its expansionist policies but because of all the symbolism that the Golan carries.

Referred to in the bible many times and favoured with fertile soil and plenty of water it was a focal point for Israel.

United Nations Security Council resolutions 242 states clearly that Israel should withdraw its armed forces from the territories it has occupied- but unfortunately all that this resolutions amounted to was ink on paper.

In a breakaway move Trump on the 21st march 2019 signed a presidential proclamation recognizing Israel's sovereignty over the Golan- his excuse was, for committing this illegal act, that the Golan if not in Israeli hands poses a threat to Israeli security and stability. He also wanted to reinforce the position of Netanyahu in Israel's legislative elections.

The first German refugee to Syria: I really wish that we in Germany would have a president like Bashar al-Assad

He himself declared that he is the first German refugee to Syria, which he believes that it is still one of the best countries in the world to live in under the leadership of President Bashar al-Assad despite the economic problems.

Tobias Pfenning, who took part in the 3rd Conference of Trade Union held in Sahara complex in Damascus [September 8-9] to voice solidarity with Syria, posted on his Face book account on September 21, the following statement: "His Excellency president Bashar al-Assad welcoming the first German refugee to Syria personally. This is my president."

Syria will always remain vivid and hospitable

Eva Zu Beck is not one of the journalists who regularly visits Syria to make a video or write an article about the war for their mainstream media outlets.

She simply identified herself as a vlogger and was clear that her two-part video about her visit to Syria titled “What's It Like to Be a Tourist in ALEPPO/Damascus in 2019?” is not meant to be “a political commentary.”

German politician welcomes Russian-Chinese veto of draft Security Council resolution on Idleb

The German politician and member of the Alternative for Germany (AFD) party Dr. Christian Blex has welcomed yesterday's Russian-Chinese veto of draft Security Council resolution, submitted by Germany, Belgium and Kuwait, aiming at providing protection to the terrorists in Idleb through calling for a halt to all combat operations in the province.

He told the Syria Times e-newspaper: "I expressly welcome the Russian-Chinese veto and its counterproposal as the terrorists in Idleb are not only the enemies of the Syrian people but of every civilized state."