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The Sole Game-Changer!

Resistance has been the real game-changer during the last decades of Mideast history, starting from the glorious liberation war of October in 1973, passing through the heroic resistance of the Syrian Army, Lebanese and Palestinian freedom fighters in the face of the Israeli repeated aggressions against Lebanon and Gaza Strip, and not to mention the 2003 US crazy and futile invasion of Iraq.

The ongoing global war against Syria can be considered to a large extent as part of the western bids, backed unfortunately by the ewes and their petrodollars, to punish the Syrians for their unwavering support to the Resistance.

Thus, Israel has been coordinating its aggressive policy and strikes against Syria even with al-Qaeda affiliates! Israel, however, is the only loser in such a crazy suicidal coordination and strikes. Syria is definitely to retaliate against any further Israeli foolish attack, and through a strategic response, given the prevailing ''clear popular pressure for opening the Golan Front to Resistance,'' as H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad pointed out in his recent interview with Al-Manar TV.

With this in mind, Hezbollah Resistance is indeed recognized as the bastion of every genuine freedom fighter worldwide. The majority of the Syrians do consider themselves, given the increasing developments, foreign involvement and escalations in the ongoing crisis in Syria, not only as Hezbollah mongers, but as active members in this great Party of God. The principles national  Arab stances taken by Hezbollah, at least from a moral perspective, in support of the Syrian safety, integrity and steadfastness against the salafist and takfiri terrorism of al-Qaeda do deserve every appreciations, and gratitude. It is the real brotherhood and unity against the continued sinister Israeli bids-unfortunately backed by some Arab States and ewes, to stifle the Resistance.

''Our Army will fight the enemy wherever it is. When the enemy is in the north, we move north; the same applies if the enemy comes from the east or the west. This is also the case for Hezbollah. So the question is why is Hezbollah deployed on the borders inside Lebanon or inside Syria? The answer is that our battle is a battle against the Israeli enemy and its proxies inside Syria or inside Lebanon,'' underlined H.E. President Al-Assad in the same interview. The Resistance is indeed a political, ideological, and social issue, with the net result being military action. ''A state does not create Resistance. Resistance can only be called so, when it is popular and spontaneous, it cannot be created. The state can either support or oppose the Resistance, - or create obstacles, as is the case with some reckless Arab countries.

The majority does pin hopes on Resistance fighters to remind the Arab people, through their achievements, that our enemy is still the same, Israel and terrorists. Syria, as H.E. President Al-Assad reiterated, ''will always remain, even more so than before, supportive of the resistance and resistance fighters everywhere in the Arab world.''  

Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

Struggle for National Sovereignty

The ongoing in Syria is but the legitimate right of self-defense in the face of the fierce global war targeting Syria. It is indeed ,as H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad outlined in Al-Manar TV interview, a struggle for "national sovereignty" and not for a post.

"No one would fight and martyr themselves in order to secure power for anyone else." It is the Syrians' only wise alternative and obligation to purge their country from al-Qaeda affiliates. In the year of 2013, the Syrians definitely can't withstand the Takfiri hired killers with their rotten backwardness and ignorance.

Actually, the ongoing struggle is but the actual objective representation of the free will of the majority. This very majority pertains the right to choose its democratically elected leadership. And this very historic leadership is the main source of safety, tranquility, tolerance and dignity.

This very leadership derives its power and inspirations from its great people, the majority. Thus, "the Syrian people alone have the right to decide whether the president should remain or leave. So, anybody speaking on this subject should state which part of the Syrian people they represent and who granted them the authority to speak on their behalf."

This leadership is the sole legitimate choice of the Syrians, who poured on June, 2000, as well as in July 2007, in millions to streets appealing for salvation, steadfastness and continued resistance. The Syrians, for this leadership, would be the criteria and the decision makers and would through a popular referendum decide whatever in the interest of Syria: "but nothing can be implemented without the approval of the Syrian people."

"the president cannot just relinquish his authorities, he doesn't have the constitutional right. Changing the constitution requires a popular referendum." And "the only desires relevant are those of the Syrian people." The reality on the ground does testify that the majority does ,with esteem and heart-felt gratitude and thanks, consider its safety, future, stability, tolerance and prosperity part and parcel of its historic leadership. 

Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

Just for Syria

During the  current critical days which our homeland Syria is passing through, we are in a real need to abide by the meaning of the word love. We must adhere to love, hatred, violence and bloodshed have spread all over the homeland.

No matter how much we are different in attitudes and opinions,no matter how much we love or hate each other, our love for Syria must be sacred and we must preserve this love through discarding dispute and hatred in our personal relationships. Moreover we must give priority to the strengthening of our social ties to save the homeland.

Syria is currently being transformed into a field for experiments for all parties especially for those with sick ideas, for those whoare pretending that they have revolutionary attitudes and for other parties who are working to implement certain political foreign agendas.

However when we reverse the very near history of our beloved  Syria we find a beautiful mosaic panel that is full of peace, security, and stability.

It must be taken for granted that the conflict in Syria is in part between some international forces, the same forces which are working on implementing a new colonial project in the region in the service of their interests.To achieve this aim they are in need for eliminating Syria, the heart of resistance in the Arab world.

This brings to our minds the Sykes-Picot agreement with all its dire repercussions on the entire Arab region, including the domination of its natural resources and the deformation of its bright history and civilization.

In spite of the deep wounds and the continued tragedy of our people in Syria, the political, social and intellectual life in the country are still full of hope, love and peace and our people is capable to proof to the whole world that we are able to overcome our ordeal through attaining national reconciliation .

Far away from disputes and violence that are currently taking place in Syria. Our homeland will continue to be the Arabs’ home and we, as Syrians, will work hand in hand to safeguard our country as a free and independent state.

NahlaMaaz –Syria Times    

political solution will bring stability

Press TV has recently  conducted an interview with Anas Jaboua, with the Syrian Social Club from London.  The interview tackled the situation on the ground in Syria and the ongoing political moves in this regard. Mr. Jaboua asserted the need for  the political solution and that Hand by hand, the operations for the Syrian army are being carried on as well, such as in Khirbet Ghazaleh in Dara’a or in al-Qusayr ; in the middle of Syria or if we go over to the northern side of Syria in Aleppo in al-Aziziah.  What we can say is enough is enough, we need a political solution but yet as we can see on the American side, the American side is not resting on one decision.

On one hand they say yes we are in need for a political solution for the area. political solution will bring stability again to the Middle East, to the whole area; but on the other hand what we can see is that they are always funding and helping the armed militias or the Islamic groups such as al-Nusra, which they listed al-Nusra on the terrorist page [list]. But then under the table we can see the American government is funding them in arms and funding them in money as well and so they are sending them people as well.

On the other hand, as well we can see Turkey, they are talking about a political solution, but under the table as well they are funding the militant groups.  So in reality, when we say who is speaking and targeting for the political solution, we can see Russia, we can see Iran, we can see Syria. Yes, they are targeting for a political solution to stop the conflict in Syria.

Jaboua  pointed out that  the other side, which is the Western countries or the countries which supported these armed groups, they do not aim for a political solution, they aim to create instability in Syria and keep this area in such a mess.  So therefore they are heading towards creating the sectarian war or the civil war not only in Syria, but they are also heading towards creating this war again … in Lebanon after being stopped many years ago. So they are heading to create this war in Jordan as well. Therefore, what they are aiming is, just to create a civilian war, which can create instability for the whole area and that can give the war country, which is Israel, give stability because the whole area is in war Israel is in rest.

However, this very ''war country'' is never to be ''in rest'' once the region is burning; it is Israel itself which would emerge to be the big loser at the end of the day. The occupation of others' territories, launching raids and aggressions against sovereign States, and the persistent rejection of UN Security Council resolutions, not to mention, of course, the Israeli flagrant and foolish support for al-Qaeda affiliates in the armistice zone would but add to its would be big loss.


Green Party urges no U.S. interference in Syria

WASHINGTON, DC (ST)- Green Party leaders called on President Obama and Congress to cancel proposed military aid to Syrian "rebels" and press Israel to cease its attacks on Syria immediately, or risk an escalated conflict in the Middle East.

Greens urged the Obama Administration to pursue diplomacy and promote a political settlement instead of a deepening and bloody civil and proxy war. Hopefully, the US Administration would heed the logic of its own citizens as to evade the more of deterioration and bloodshed.

On May 5, Leah Bolger, Secretary of Defense, and David Swanson, Secretary of Peace, of the Foreign Affairs Branch of the Green Shadow Cabinet published a statement opposing U.S. involvement in Syria and a condemnation of Israel's air strikes:

U.S. military involvement in Syria could only make things worse. Syria does not need a "no fly" zone. It needs a "no weaponizing" zone….  The Netanyahu government in Israel has just raised the ante in this precarious situation by conducting air-to-ground missile attacks against Syria, undoubtedly with the tacit approval of the United States. Allowing Israel to attack Syria without consequences is not only the sanctioning of a crime; it also allows momentum to develop for greater violence and pushes peaceful resolution further out of reach. Diplomacy must be actively pursued before it is too late.

Further military interference in Syria would be a disastrous decision in important ways. For one thing, it is not at all clear if chemical weapons have been used, and if so, by which side. U.S. media has a tendency to turn conjecture into accepted fact merely by repeating it. Furthermore, the U.S. military has itself used  and continues to use chemical and nuclear weapons — Agent Orange and napalm in Vietnam and white phosphorus and depleted uranium weapons in Iraq and Afghanistan. The ongoing hypocrisy of U.S. policy and practice in this regard undermines our nation’s international moral and legal position.

But the most basic reason that the U.S. should not interfere militarily in Syria is because we should support self-determination. It should be left to the Syrian people to decide who will run their government. Overthrowing foreign governments is not legal, moral, or practical.  It is not a safe practice to encourage. In fact, in nearly a century of warmaking, there is still no example of the United States or NATO having “liberated” a country to beneficial effect. Libya's violence is spilling into neighboring nations. Iraq is arguably in worse shape post-intervention than Syria is pre-intervention.

"Cheerleaders for U.S. military involvement and a U.S. enforced no-fly zone in Syria, including Secretary of State John Kerry and Sen. John McCain, show that they learned nothing from the 2003 Iraq invasion about the danger of decisions based on flimsy and fabricated evidence," said Darryl! LC Moch, co-chair of the Green Party of the United States.

"Unless we see a reversal of policy, it's clear that President Obama has adopted the aggressive doctrine and illegal agenda of the Bush Administration's neocon ideologues, as well as carte-blanche approval for every criminal action by Israel regardless of consequences, under the influence of AIPAC," said Ms. Farheen Hakeem, co-chair of the Green Party's International Committee.

To  what extent such a ''reversal of policy'' will take place in the interest of All remains so far uncertain, given, unfortunately,  the uncalculated and reckless anti-Syria practices and measures on the ground by terrorism backers, particularly the ewes and Turkey.