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Moscow Road

Hopefully, the US Secretary of state, John Kerry yesterday's statement that the US and Russia's interests regarding the settlement in Syria coincide would be a u-turn in the US long standing support to armed terrorists and groups on the ground. Most hopeful for is that the US would issue orders to its proxies  and ewes as to immediately refrain from their obstructionist and destructive measures against the majority of the Syrians.

Mr. Kerry's visit to Russia and his talks with President Vladimir Putin and his counterpart Sergei Lavrov came at a critical timing amid much debated speculations about the legitimate response of the Syrians to the recent coward Israeli attacks. The majority of the Syrians do hope that the talks with the Russian officials, who do comprehend the facts and reality on the ground, did illuminate on the Moscow Road the visiting US Secretary, whose country has been, unfortunately, involved in the shedding of the Syrians' blood in a way or another!

It is a good omen that finally the US has started to admit and to be interested in stability in the region, fighting terrorism, as well as in dialogue among the Syrians as to politically end the crisis. Thanks to the steadfast Syrians, Army, and Russian brothers and friends worldwide.

Further, the Russian-US talks-preceding the forthcoming Putin-Obama Summit, underscored, according to Minister Lavrov, the need  to preserve the safety of Syria and its territorial integrity and the need to convince representatives of the government and the opposition to hold negotiations, given the fact that the Syrian Government agreed to adopt the Geneva statement and formed a committee with full authority to materialize it, while the opposition didn't even announce until now who will participate in negotiations on its behalf to implement the statement.

It is a positive gesture that Secretary Kerry underlined the need for exerted  efforts to combat terrorism, which the Syrian Government has been exposed to for more than two years. Mr. Kerry, Syria, the peace-loving country, which you have earlier visited several times, is in need for some US carrots, and never more for unjustified sticks bias, unilateralism and sanctions. Syria, according to a statement in 2002 by US State Department official, Richard W. Erdman, the chief State Department specialist for Syria, "saved American lives," in the aftermath of September 11 terrorist attacks! Hopefully, Mr. Secretary of State,  that you will work as to change your predecessor's statements before the 2-day US  House of Appropriations Committee on April 24-25, 2009: ''let`s remember here… the people we are fighting today we funded them twenty years ago…and great, let them come from Saudi Arabia and other countries, importing their Wahabi brand of Islam.''

Unfortunately, your remote-controlled ewes and new Ottomans have turned almost all of the Middle East into a bloodbath minefield, where to every terrorist and extremist is sent for jihad! The majority does live in fear! Sir, it is unbearable nightmare once the people of this sacred region are slaughtered  like sheep at the hands of the most notorious terrorists, among whom many were set free from prisons in return for jihad!

Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

"We don't know who used them"

The international media avoids talking about possible use of chemical weapons by armed terrorist groups in Syria , just as it ignored Al-Qaeda leader’s call for jihad marking the start of deadly suicide attacks in Syria, stated Ammar Waqaf of the Syrian Social Club to Russian TV, pointing out that the much of media fuss about around the stalled investigation over chemical weapons might be serving as a cover-up for the use of such weapons by armed terrorists.

Waqaf pointed out that the Syrian ambassador to the UN Dr. Bashar Ja’afari did point out that probably such a fuss and western allegations were a prelude for pushing the UN for sending an inspector team like… into Iraq in 2003, which would have been a prelude for interpreting, and misinterpreting their findings and going in there. But what we see on the ground is that actually there’s increased evidence that the terrorists are using chemical weapons. Not only few weeks ago in Khan al-Assal chemical weapons were used, and, evidently, the Syrian government did ask the UN to come and investigate. But actually a few days ago in the neighborhood of Barzeh – outskirts of Damascus – there was an attack on the army posts with chemical weapons and about 13 people were killed. And nobody is talking about this.

On his part, the renowned Robert Fisk wrote in the Independent on April 28th an interesting article about the western and Israeli allegations regarding chemical weapons use. Fisk cited the Israeli contradictory claims and statements to this effect:  "have used/have probably used/might have used/could use chemical weapons".

It all comes back to that most infantile cliché of all: that the US and Israel fear Assad's chemical weapons "falling into the wrong hands". They are frightened, in other words, that these chemicals might end up in the armoury of the very same "rebels", especially the Islamists, that Washington, London, Paris, Qatar and Saudi Arabia are supporting. And if these are the "wrong hands", then presumably the weapons in Assad's armoury are in the "right hands" Fisk wrote.

Actually, as Dr. Bashar al-Jafaari, the Syrian Ambassador to the UN has repeatedly pointed out, the UN Secretariat is procrastinating to send an investigation  mission to Khan al-Asal ,  casting more doubts about the politicization of the issue as  sought by some Western, regional  and Arab countries ,  similar to what happened in Iraq before the invasion. Syria, however, isn't Iraq and the need is dire for definite answers for Obama's recent perplexities : "we don't know when they were used, how they were used. We don't know who used them. We don't have a chain of custody that establishes" exactly what happened. In Khan al-Assal, Saraqib, Barza, the armed terrorists did use chemical poisons against the Syrian soldiers and civilians among whom  some were martyred and others taken to Turkey as to accuse the state of using chemicals!

Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

Geopolitical Games

Using weapons of mass destruction as a tool in geopolitical games prevents an honest investigation of their alleged use in Syria, underlined the veteran Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, asserting that there are states and external players who think that all means are good if they lead to displacement of the Syrian regime. But the issue of the use of weapons of mass destruction is too serious and no one should play with it. I consider it inadmissible to use this issue and speculate on it.”

“The blame for the fact that no one investigates the particular incident that took place on March 19 and that still causes universal concern should be put on the nations that attempt to prevent the UN Secretary General from a simple and direct answer to a simple and direct question,” added Lavrov, pointing out that no one has presented any proof for claims regarding  a chemical attack near Homs and the intelligence agencies, including Western ones  said that such claims these statements lacked any detailed proof whatsoever.

Meantime, anti-war activist Lindsey German told Russian TV that the US and UK are using the possibility of chemical weapons in Syria to increase the prospect of intervention in the country, labeling  the so-called  the latest piece of evidence against Syria’s chemical weapons use “dubious”, citing US Obama's assessments of intelligence reports in this regard as “preliminary.”

Lindsey pointed out that the same sort of story is being repeated and of course many people didn’t believe it ten years ago and many more now realize they were told lies. I think this latest piece of evidence is very dubious, even the US and British authorities are saying they’re not certain…they’re not certain at all what quantities have been used but of course they’re using the fact that supposedly chemical weapons have been used in this way to increase the prospect of intervention in Syria.

 I think this is a move where they’re trying to amass more and more reasons going to war. We already have US and British troops training in Jordan near the Syrian border. We already have money coming in from Saudi Arabia and Qatar to fund the opposition. We already have the Turkish government who has provided facilities for the Free Syrian Army. And I think this is a further ratchet up towards the possibility of war.

Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

New Political and Economic Pressure

Information Minister Omran al-Zoubi's recent statements in Russia regarding alleged chemical weapons use in Syria do prove once more Syria's peaceful intention and ever commitment to dialogue as to sort the ongoing crisis via dialogue among the Syrians themselves and by themselves.

The western moves regarding chemical weapons scare are but  a new way to exert political and economic pressure on the Syrian government, underscored minister al-Zoubi to Russian TV: “First of all, I want to confirm that statements by the US Secretary of State and British government are inconsistent with reality and a barefaced lie. I want to stress once more time that Syria would never use it - not only because of its adherence to the international law and rules of leading war, but because of humanitarian and moral issues.”

Minister al-Zoubi recalled that it was Syria which made the official request to the UN to investigate the incident in Khan al-Assal, which proves " once again that the whole policy of the Syrian government is targeted against use of any kind of weapons of mass destruction by anybody: terrorists, Israel or any other neighboring state,”

The Minister blasted Western moves and statements about alleged chemical weapons use as aiming  first, to cover those who are really behind use of chemical weapons in Khan al-Assal, and secondly, to repeat Iraq’s scenario, to pave the way for other investigation inspections. To provide, based on their results, maps, photos of rockets and other fabricated materials to the UN, which as we know, opened the way to the occupation of Iraq.”

Minister al-Zoubi pointed out that the chemical weapon used by the terrorists outside Aleppo province in Khan al-Assal area is likely came from Turkey, saying :the rocket strike hit Khan al-Assal area was launched from a place in which terrorists do exist and it isn't far away from Turkish territories," voicing Syria's support for Russian experts' participation in investigating the possible use of chemical weapons in the attack on Khan al-Assal.


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

Commitment to Geneva Communiqué

Commitment to Geneva Communiqué and Secretary Kerry's announcement of an additional $123 million in non-lethal assistance to al-Qaeda affiliated groups in Syria are among the conclusions of Yesterday's Istanbul Enemies of the Syrian People Conference. To what extent such a commitment to Geneva would match with the more of US aid and funneled weapons. Actually, Istanbul's second conference, following a series of upsets and failures of previous like conferences, including those held in Tunisia, Istanbul, Paris, Marrakesh, Tokyo, and Rome, contribute but to the more of blood shedding, misery and agony of the Syrians.

In fact,  the drastic decrease of the numbers of participating countries in such conferences, not to mention the catastrophic impacts of the daydreaming of those who sold themselves to Lucifer, made it clear that those who lack popular support on the ground are but much ado about nothing. Tens of the countries which left the said group did recognize the consequences of their participation in supporting terrorists in Syria. The Syrian Hero Army pursuit of terrorists on the ground is unabated and will continue to purge the Syrian sacred soil from their evil.    

If the priority was to end the crisis in Syria, Commitment to Geneva Communiqué, the most of its articles are entailed in the Syrian Government Executive Plan for Political Solution in Syria, as outlined by H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad in his landmark January 6th speech, should be not only  in words, but in deeds and concrete measures on the ground, within the framework of unconditional dialogue.  Hopefully the modifications of yesterday Istanbul's conference aren't cosmetic, but  in genuine commitment to Geneva Communiqué.

A massing up of US troops nearby the Syrian borders do not help in this regard. If a foolish act is committed, even by mistake, , the only winner will be al-Qaeda; and all the rest will be the losers. Good was the fact that the recent statements by Russia's veteran foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov  in Turkey that  efforts to isolate one side in the conflict would wreck the chances of a negotiated solution, had been paid heed for. After all, and as Minister Lavrov underscored, so-called friends of the Syrian People conferences had so far had a negative influence on implementing a 2012 Geneva accord. Hopefully, the aspired-to by Lavrov pragmatism would help to set up a successful dialogue between the different parties.


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim