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'Everyone Should Save Syria from Falling into Hell'

'Everyone Should Save Syria from Falling into Hell' underscored Faisal al-Miqdad, the veteran Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister in a recent interview with the German Spiegel Online

Mr. al-Miqda, in a distinguished interview by a high ranking Syrian official with foreign press published on February the 7th, reiterated that the Syrians are but to defeat the international conspiracy and "prevail", hence " We are optimists and strong enough to overcome this challenge, even against the attack of an alliance of Western countries and Gulf states which claims to be promoting democracy and freedom. Until four months ago, Aleppo was one of the safest cities in the world. So I congratulate the advocates for human rights and democracy on the destruction of the Umayyad Mosque, the historic souks and the old town of Aleppo."

The deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister warned  the Europeans  not to "go on supporting" the foreign-backed armed terrorist groups in action against the Syrians, and who are but to fight against "the order of all civilized nations" including Germany.

Dr. al-Miqdad, in reply to another question, outlined that H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad has "responded to the demands of the demonstrators" since the very beginning of events in Syria, citing  new constitution, the ending of the supremacy of the Baath Party, establishment of new parties, elections for a new parliament, and the enacting of  new laws concerning demonstrations, which, unfortunately  were completely ignored abroad, adding that " President Al-Assad has heard the political demands of his people and he wants to reconcile with them, and indeed with everyone, as he announced in his speech on Jan. 6. If the fighting and the outside support are brought to an end and everyone sits around a table, then we can begin to shape the future of the country.

"The armed opposition wanted the escalation from the beginning. They took that position from day one. The provocateurs hid among the peaceful demonstrators and shot down police and protesters alike." Dr. Al-Miqdad clarified.

al-Miqdad underscored that the crisis in Syria is mostly "externally organized, externally funded" and that the militant groups receive billions of dollars from certain Gulf states. It is a global, multi-billion-dollar mercenary business, reiterating that it is not for other countries to decide on the Syrian president: "Leave that to the Syrian people and the voting booths. We will not allow anyone to undermine the country's sovereignty. If the president were to give up, there would be nothing here but death and destruction. President al-Assad is ready to do anything to prevent that, no matter what the cost."

In reply to a question regarding Turkey, Al-Miqdad added: " We have long tried to maintain good relations, but we were forced to realize that the Muslim Brother Recep Tayyip Erdogan was pursuing a completely different plan. Namely, he wanted to legally bring the Muslim Brotherhood back to Syria with help from Al-Qaida, the Al-Nusra Front and other extremist religious groups in order to establish a powerful network from Egypt to Tunisia, Libya, Syria and Iraq -- a new Ottoman Empire. Because they now shelter all types of armed groups -- and opened the border with Syria for them -- Erdogan and his foreign minister, Ahmet Davutoglu, are personally responsible for the deaths of thousands of Syrians. Why has Turkey not been reprimanded by the UN?

As for Syria's relation with Saudi Arabia, Dr. Al-Miqdad said: "Saudi Arabia is under immense American pressure and is therefore supporting certain religious groups that are fighting here. At the same time, the country understands very well that in doing this, it's working against its own interests. Therefore they should free themselves as quickly as possible from American dependency."

In reply to a question about the Americans desire to have Syria succumb to violence and destruction, the deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister pointed out  that "the protection of Israel is the only explanation. It began with sanctions, and now it's come to this. The so-called friends of Syria, who meet in Doha, Istanbul and Marrakesh, are actually the enemies of Syria and under the command of American ambassadors. But now the matter has gotten out of control for them. At least now they've put the Al-Nusra Front on the list of terrorist organizations, but unfortunately not the many others who are here indiscriminately killing my countrymen every day."


Dr. Mohammad Abo Al-Ibrahim

A Message to Secretary of State, John Kerry!

 Mr. secretary of State, John Kerry, you went overseas to fight in Vietnam for your country's sake, as you claimed, what about our own legitimate right to defend ourselves on the very Syrian territory against the extremist terrorists, some of whom were even enlisted by the State Department on terrorism list. Your Excellency, it is indeed as you have recently put it accurately: ""What I do know is that there are a lot of weapons there," "There are people in the Gulf, and you know who they are, who are not hesitating to provide weapons. And that's one of the reasons, together with the fact that al-Nusra has been introduced to the equation that the movement on the ground is faster than the movement in the politics."

Syria, the peace-loving country, which you have earlier visited several times, is in need for some US carrots, and never more for unjustified sticks and sanctions. The US Administration of President Obama took the right decision by turning down  Pentagon leaders and former Secretary Clinton and CIA's recommendation to arm the foreign-backed extremists fighting and slaughtering the Syrians. Expectedly in presence of a veteran secretary of State, no orders would be given to the armed men as not to surrender weapons and as not to accept dialogue with the Syrian Government, supported by the majority of the Syrians.

Mr. Kerry, the majority is encouraged by your recent statements to help in solving the ongoing crisis by "peaceful means", as well as by your pledge "to work for peace". Terrorism , defined according to  the US yearly congress report, as the "premeditated, politically motivated violence perpetrated against non-combatant targets by sub-national groups or clandestine agents, usually intended to influence an audience," is unabated against  Syria, which according to a statement in 2002 by US State Department official, Richard W. Erdman, the chief State Department specialist for Syria, "saved American lives," in the aftermath of September 11 terrorist attacks! Hopefully, Mr. Secretary of State,  that you will work as to change your predecessor's statements before the 2-day US  House of Appropriations Committee on April 24-25, 2009: ''let`s remember here… the people we are fighting today we funded them twenty years ago…and great, let them come from Saudi Arabia and other countries, importing their Wahabi brand of Islam.''

Unfortunately, your remote controlled ewes and new Ottomans have turned almost all of the Middle East into a bloodbath minefield, where to every terrorist and extremist is sent for jihad! The majority does live in fear! Sir, it is unbearable nightmare once the people of this sacred region are slaughtered  like sheep at the hands of the most notorious terrorists, among whom many were set free from prisons in return for jihad! They are but the hired killers of modern century. The majority is indeed in waiting for your promised evaluation of '' new options to halt Syria's civil war'', lest it would be indeed a "civil war" burning all people of the region. Indeed, the majority is waiting for your " steps, if any, diplomatic particularly" in "an effort to try to reduce that violence and deal with that situation." It is encouraging that two thirds of the Syria Times' poll respondents replied positively that  your designation could contribute positively to a change in US foreign policy.

Hopefully Mr. Kerry's new political approach isn't only to curb the warmongers inside the US Administration, like Senator John McCain, but to contribute further to halting whatever support to terrorists. Syria, given your past judgment, is moving and changing. Syria, which you described in  April 2010, following your meeting with H.E. President Bashra Al-Assad in Damascus as “an essential player in bringing peace and stability to the region'' is ever ready to play this role; the ongoing is but to protect and safeguard such a role, without which the entire region would be but fertile for every extremism and terrorism. Mr. secretary of State, you very well know that Syria, who has been ''very generous'' with you in the past, is more than happy to cooperate for peace, stability and security.

Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim




Enemy attack on Syrian Research Centre amounts to aggression




New Delhi, (ST)_ An emergency meeting of the National Secretariat of the Panthers Party was held in New Delhi under Chairmanship of its Chief Patron and Chairman, Indo-Arab Solidarity Council to review the serious situation that has developed in the Middle-East following air attack on Syrian Research Centre on Wednesday threatening the integrity and sovereignty of a Member State, Syria by another Member State, Israel.

    While addressing the Panthers Party leader, Prof. Bhim Singh urged Russia and China for their urgent intervention to provide security to the people of Syria and save its integrity from the Zionist hawks. The NPP leader accused Anglo-American Bloc for supporting Israel since 1947 which has been violating the mandatory resolutions of the Security Council like 242, 338 and several others which amounted to flagrant violation of UN Resolution by Israel.

Prof. Bhim Singh called on the Arab League States to wake up lest Zionism shall accomplish its agenda to grab Arab oils, waters and strategic land with the abetment of Anglo-American Bloc including France. Prof. Bhim Singh hoped that India shall rise from its silent to save the Middle-East from any further death, destruction and devastation as it happened in Iraq, Sudan, Yugoslavia and lately in Libya. The Panthers Party Supremo urged Prime Minister of India, Dr. Manmohan Singh, to take urgent initiative for convening a meeting of the NAM countries at the earliest by involving Arab League in it. He said that Israeli aggression against Syria has left no doubt that Israel intends to grab entire Middle-East with the active support of the Anglo-American and EU Blocs. This must be stopped, he said.

The Panthers Party shall present a Solidarity Charter to Dr. Bashar-al-Assad, President of Syria tomorrow (3rd February, 2013) through the Syrian Ambassador in New Delhi. The Panthers Party and Indo-Arab Solidarity Council also expressed full solidarity with and support to the great people of Syria fighting for the integrity and sovereignty of their country under the leadership of President, Dr. Bashar-al-Assad.





Solidarity with the great people of Syria under the Leadership of President Al-Assad




NEW DELHI, (ST)_  Hundreds of National Panthers Party activists along with the activists of Non-Aligned Congress of Youth (India), Members of Indo-Arab Solidarity Council, Global Women Lib and United Muslim Conference gathered in front of the Embassy of the Republic of Syria in New Delhi after taking out a long march expressing solidarity with and support to the people of Syria and their President Dr. Bashar-al-Assad.

    The Panthers Party Chief Patron, Prof. Bhim Singh accused Israel for committing aggression against Syria as Israeli Prime Minister, Netanyahu is trying to forge an alliance in Israel being beaten in the recently held election to Israeli knesst (Parliament). The Panthers Party leader Prof. Bhim Singh hailed the Prime Minister of India’s statement that India shall not accept any foreign interference into the domestic affairs of Syria. He also appreciated the stand taken by Russia and China against outside interference.

    Prof. Bhim Singh also presented a Charter of Solidarity addressed to Dr. Bashar-al-Assad, the President of Republic of Syria expressing solidarity with the people of Syria.

   The prominent among those who participated in the demonstration included, M/s. Rajiv Jolly Khosla, Romesh Khajuria, Anil Kumar Sharma, Sanjay Kumar, Usman Ali, Mohd. Salim, Jitesh, Kusum Chauhan, Neeraj Chauhan, Saleen, Mehi Singh, Om Kishan, Surender Singh, Kishan Kumar, Satish, Afzal Khan, Shabana, Dharmesh Gupta, Harjeet Kaur, Ms. Nasreen Hamid, Chairperson, Global Women’s Lib, Muslim Conference leader Mohd. Siddique, Mr. Kamran and others.

The  Charter reads as follows: National Panthers Party activists, joined by the representatives of several social, political and non-governmental organizations of India have resolved unanimously to convey their solidarity with the people of Syria and support to the Syrian government led by Dr. Bashar-al-Assad, the President of Syria. The people of India are aware about the great and just fight of the people of Syria to protect and defend the unity, integrity and sovereignty of Syria. Syria and India have unique and centuries old relationship between their civilizations.

    India always stood with the people of Syria whenever the people of Syria were attacked or invaded. In 1947 India opposed partition of Palestine for creating a Jewish State. In 1967 India stood with the Arab world when Israel illegally occupied Arab land in violation of UN Charter. India has been continuously supporting the Arab countries and Palestinian leadership for the implementation of Resolution 242, 338 and other resolutions of the Security Council which had directed Israel to vacate all Arab lands, which Israel has been illegally occupying since 1967. The western power have always betrayed the Arabs and their interests lies in the oils, waters and strategic lands of the Arabs.

    The Panthers Party, Non-Aligned Congress of Youth, Indo-Arab Solidarity Council, Indo-Palestine Friendship Society and several other social and non-governmental groups have been expressing their support to the Arab world so that peace returns to the Middle-East.

    Today, several hundred activists of these political parties and groups have assembled in front of the Embassy of Syria to express solidarity of India with the people of Syria. India strongly condemns the Israeli attack on the Research Centre of Syria on Wednesday as this amounted to naked and illegal act of aggression against the sovereignty of the Republic of Syria.

    May be convey our full support to the people of Syria and President, Dr. Bashar-al-Assad assuring that people of India and all the right thinking and peace loving people of the world stand by the people of Syria.





East or West Home is the Best


Saddened by the shocking scenes of the displaced Syrians in the camps for beggary in neighbouring countries, I was caught in a dilemma about such unbearable suffering, mainly caused by foreign-backed terrorists. The emotional statements, shivering of the displaced in the stormy snowy weather in the muddy terrain of strange land did raise many questions about such a presence there. Unfortunately, the countries begging for the displaced Syrians are almost responsible not only for their displacement, but for their misery and death. The Turkish government of self-proclaimed sultan has been exploiting the situation and conditions of the displaced as a means not only for beggary, but as a means of pressure, and at times threats against Syria, not mention the reported cases of humiliation, rape and the like. Erdogan's Moslem Brotherhood's government is sheltering, grooming and mushrooming the most extremists among the displaced, whose  Syria's factories, diesel, flour and bread have been stolen and robbed by Erdogan's gangs out of fear about the welfare, safety and security of the Syrians!

Some of the displaced, interviewed by foreign and Arab biased media outlets- not the Syrian TV- stated that Jordan's Government also  has been exploiting their self-inflicted pain and suffering, thus increasing around the clock their numbers, considering every Syria in transit via Jordan as must-be-registered a displaced, and that aid convoys should be filmed upon entering the camps, but not upon leaving, not to mention their open repeated invitations for VIP's and UN Ambassadors to pay filed visits and tour the camps!

The sole human solution is to return home. The majority of the Syrians do suffer like you, but with dignity and pride; after all, it is an attrition war launched by two thirds of the world countries against us, not to mention the imposed unjustified sanctions. Please, come back home! We, Syrians are but one family; forgiveness, repentance is part of our true religion and humanity. Hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder , we have to restore stability, security and reconstruct out homeland. Syria is for all Syrians and it is above all; have you got the message by H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad's in his January 6th speech: '' The homeland is above all, and Syria is above all…. Patriotism runs in our blood and Syria is the most precious of all. … Syria is impervious to collapse and the Syrian people impervious to humiliation. Steadfastness and challenge is deeply rooted in the Syrian body which we have inherited over generations.

Why did you leave? You were afraid of your Army! NO!, this isn't true; the Army has been left with no option but to carry its moral and constitutional duty to defend Syrians against every terrorist on the Syrian land. You left because you didn't want to get involved! You have to it is not a fight among Syrians' it is a fight with the greedy, ewes, colonialists, takfiris, and every vagabond of all world corners! Syria, the jewel of all countries and cradle of religions and civilizations,  deserves a fight; and it has been so throughout history. United we vanquish, separated, we remain prey and cheap commodity in the hands of Syrian blood merchants! Apart for your Syria, who would care and give a damn to your Syrianity and humanity. Waiting for Godot of the blankets, children milk is of no use!


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim