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Every New Day Can Be a New Start

When I was young and free and my imagination had no limits, I dreamed of changing the world. As I grew older and wiser, I discovered the world would not change. As I grew into my twilight years, in one last desperate attempt, I settled for changing only my family, those close to me, but alas, they would have none of it.

And now as I near the end of life’s road, I suddenly realized: if I had only changed myself first, then by example I would have changed my family. From their inspiration and encouragement, I would then have been able to better my country and, who knows, I may have even changed the world.

We suffered a lot last year,  let us begin this year with optimistic thoughts. Each event in person’s life,  each thought each decision, each bit of love and each interaction with someone else is like a thread in a tapestry.

Day after day, dark threads and bright threads are woven together, often, it seems, without rhyme or reason, but in the end they form a picture. When looking at the tapestry once finished, it’s beautiful, all the good things, the happiness and fulfillment, the love that was given and received, the lives that were better because of kind deeds, these are bright threads, the dark threads are the difficulties and disappointments, the trials and the tears. These are also necessary because they make the bright threads look all the brighter and help give the tapestry it’s rich, warm glow.

Wherever we are in life or business is a result of choices we’ve made. While there are outside forces that create setbacks, it is still our choice as how we will respond to those incidents that determine whether we move forward or fall behind.

I always ask myself: what am I doing well? Where am I off track? What correction should I make? What am I waiting for?

This year I decided to follow two choices:

The choice to give: Giving of my time, expertise, resources, or even a smile or praise,  “ praise to people what water is to flowers, pour it on and watch them grow”, without expecting anything in return I think it is an unselfish choice. Syria needs us to rebuild it again, it needs more givers. Amazingly enough, when we focus more on the wants and needs of others, more of our wants and needs are met. When we choose to hoard what we have rather than give, we become the center of our lonely universe. As a result, we repel both people and potential blessing,  “ A merry heart does good like a medicine” .

And the choice to connect with a higher power: Living a spiritual life adds a wonderful dimension to each day. It gives hope where others see defeat, energy when others are exhausted, wisdom when others are confused, and courage when others are fearful. Living without spiritual connectivity leaves us feeling empty and as if lacks a greater purpose,   Living with it the better route to take.

Every new day can be a new start. No matter what has happened up till now, we have a chance to make the right decisions today .We can’t change the past, but the future is what we make , starting right now, so let’s take full advantage of the present.

Let’s learn from the past mistakes and put them behind us today. Let’s forgive those who have wronged us and ask forgiveness from those we have wronged. That probably won’t  be easy, but let’s not put it off, let’s do it today.

Let’s dream new dreams in this new year, and set new goals, Let’s spend our time on things that truly count  this year, love our family, be a friend to everyone, do things better ,starting today.

At last I say : Happy new year to everyone in Syria, and in the whole world. I ask God that I may bring no tear to any eye, but wipe the tear of everyone.


Butheina  Alnounou

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New Year’s Eve! (2013)




What a year? to the living  memory of our departing beloved, martyrs, children, and innocents at the hands of the most heinous multi-international terrorists, I have spent many hours astray but awake contemplating the ongoing in my beloved homeland, Syria, the cradle of every civilization. Syria, our mother, which has been the unique model worldwide for amity, fraternity, harmony and everything noble and beautiful in the world, as the paradise for security, unity and stability,  is suffering nowadays  and increasingly is more eager to its security, unity and stability, which have been hit hard by  foreign-backed terrorists, more than by some of its ignorant, merciless sons!

The living memory of the Syrian Arab soldier who was targeted by terrorists while on the call of duty, with a dry loaf of bread , of the Syrian Army soldiers who were blindfolded and forced to knell down to be shot in their heads from the back, of the Syrian Army officer who was beheaded, of my cousin, who was snatched by the terrorists from his house in the poorest quarters of Damascus Countryside, tortured, killed and thrown a dead corpse, of the tears in the eyes of my brethren Syrians, children, young and elderly, have accompanied me to the rising sun of the new day of 2013.

No less painful were the unjustified stances of the brothers, neighbours, as well as of the minority of ignorant Syrians. The unjustified contradictory support to the terrorists on the ground against every thing Syrian has been the most painful headache; because once this tap of terror and poison off, the new Syria is to be born. Once the trouble makers bloody killers refrain from their sheltering, training, arming, and smuggling their means of killings into Syria, our country is against on the right path of reform, building, life and construction. The declared war by some Arab, European countries and Turkey, the USA against our Syria has made me lose every faith in political reasoning and science! The inexperienced in politics, handpicked and made by the petrodollars, are nowadays lecturing the big powers!

Syria's population is about 23 million; and the majority among us is optimistic. The majority also takes pride in our steadfastness, Army, Leadership, and in Syria's history, civilization and unique model of life and existence. What is right is always right and what is wrong is but temporarily right. Syria is sure to vanquish. Ballot boxes and not bullets are to decide our own future and by our own Syrian hands. It is but our own life afterlife, destiny and future!  Hopefully, my personal 2002 News Year's Eve- still mine- unfulfilled wishes are to be achieved in 2013!


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim




New Year’s Eve! (2002)




In a family gathering on New Year’s Eve, my conscience recalled a series of painful memories of last year’s chaos. I tried hard to forget the many of disappointments associated with such memories which characterized our region, if not the whole world, at different levels. The most painful of all were the ongoing, even escalated by the new year, Israeli blitz against Palestinian civilians, especially the children among them. I had a glimpse of hope by then that this year would witness an end for a vicious cycle of violence and counter-violence, action, reaction and so on and so forth; I wish such a cycle would be replaced by, common agreement, concord, harmony and understanding. Of no less pain was the bloody memory, indeed an agonizing one, of Sept.11th terrorist attack against nationals of more than 60 countries. Many of those perished in the said attacks are being missed by their families in a moment of celebration like the New Year’s Eve. The dirty hands of evil and of the insane monsters targeted them for no justified reason whatsoever!

I gazed at each and every face of my family members. Indeed, it hurts deep to miss somebody so close and so dear to your heart. My second New Year’s wish was to spare the live of such innocent children , and all of the innocent every where, the plague of all forms of blind terrorism and hatred, unfortunately sweeping randomly the global village of today! It is only the realization of just and comprehensive peace which can do so. Why not! Isn’t it the right time to let bygones be so initiating a new page of glory, peace, and equitable security for all? Peace is part and parcel of any new year’s wish. I wish this year would witness a reinvigoration for the process of peace on all tracks, on the bass of related resolutions and principles, with an active, sincere, evenhanded and honest European, US, Russian and international involvement and sponsorship.

Another wish was for my country, destined ever to pay for Arabs’ national aspiration and steadfastness. My country, though anchored to safety shores by one of the most shrewd and professional sailors, not to mention the wildness of tides, storms and waves at different times, late President Hafez Assad, is in a dire need for concentrated efforts and for international support as to accelerate the ongoing pace of reform and modernization, pursued and masterminded by President Bashar Assad. I wish that the world would lend us a helping hand as to achieve designed programs and plans. Syria does deserve such a hand; frequently, Syria expressed and showed willingness and readiness as to cooperate in the interest of world peace, dialogue among civilizations, security and of balanced handling of stumbling issues. This is further boosted by its new non-permanent membership in the UN Security Council. Such a country has to be given every chance and to be well treated away from any pressures and away from whatever lists! Not for a single day, has this country been an aggressor; but ever at vigil to repel and deter any aggression. The right to self defense is enshrined and guaranteed by every law. Actually, this is not merely a personal wish; but almost a unanimous one by most Syrians and doves as to see this very region moving in the direction of a new era free of threats, terror and of occupation.

All these unfulfilled wishes seem interrelated and mingled with the realization of just peace. Syria, by all estimations, has no conditions for the resumption of just peace talks from where the talks broke off. I wish that the other side, many of whom do gaze at their family members too, would positively and sincerely respond accordingly, though facts on the ground, so far, point to the opposite, and would soon realize that the only option left and way out for the region is through negotiations tables, candid, sincere and honest reasoning and implementation of related international legitimacy resolutions and principles. Tens of years elapsed since the outbreak of the conflict; none can enjoy normality and tranquility away from mutual understanding and reasoning. No means of nuclear and mass destruction weapons can deter the will of people to regain their rights back. Sincere and honest involvement in peace negotiation, though of the standing deep gaps, can certainly help concerned parties to build for the future generations of tomorrow.

Will this remain a mere speculation and personal wish? Let us hope for the best; hence most of what Syria does has been with the aim of a better future for generations to come as the late president underlined in his last uttered words.


Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim




Crocodile Tears!




Once more tragedy befalls , a large number of young children were killed in the USA. A gunman, identified as Adam Lanza, shot and killed 26 people, 20 of them children. US  President  Obama, reading a prepared statement, was overcome with emotion."Our hearts are broken, "he said. The victims were beautiful  little kids. They had their entire lives ahead of them: birthdays, graduations, weddings,  kids of their own. " It was at this moment that the President reached up to the corner of one eye, touching an apparent  tear.

Mr. Obama, did you ever regret the children casualties in the countries which the US invaded as well as in  Palestine? The US military guides its drones from seven air bases in the United States, as well as locations abroad, including one in the East African nation of Djibouti. From its headquarters in Langley, Virginia, the CIA controls operations in Pakistan, Somalia and Yemen. The question is, does Obama cry for them? Of course you won't see this story in an American newspapers outlet. They are busy condemning gun owners, while at the same time supporting the use of predator drone and terrorists to exterminate women and children in foreign countries. Obama sheds tears for the children slaughtered in Connecticut, but orders the deaths of women and children in the Middle East. They are just collateral in the great War On terrorism. The Syrians are indeed, as Minister of information Omran al-Zou'bi recently stated, whether the US is to deal with the enlisted al-Nusra Front as a terrorist organization, or to continue its backing and support to the ongoing terrorist acts against the Syrians.

Let's see what had happened in Iraq: On April 3rd, 1991, the UN Security Council adopted Resolution 687, imposing sanctions on Iraq as a result of its invasion of Kuwait. This resulted in Iraq being economically isolated from the rest of the world community. But by the end of 1995 there were reports that the sanctions were having a devastating effect on the population. A study in The Lancet, the journal of the British Medical Association, reported that up to 576,000 Iraqi children may have died since the end of the first Gulf War as a result of the sanctions imposed by the Security Council. The Security Council, led by the United States, rejected numerous appeals by Iraq to lift the sanctions, and Obama cried when US children were attacked.

In Iraq  55000, Afghanistan 17000, Palestine 3000 children killed, Libya hundreds of children were killed. I hope the US are proud of what their funded al-Qaeda affiliated terrorist groups are now doing in Syria, using children to behead the Syrians!  We have seen all along, the way the terrorists  have been using children. The USA have been funding  these terrorists as  to kill the innocent people, hundreds of children had lost their lives by terrorists who are now teaching children to be monsters.

Obama called on Americans to set aside politics  and "take meaningful action to prevent more tragedies.   Mr. Obama, when are  you going to set aside the hidden agendas and take meaningful action to prevent more wars?

Butheina Al nounou




Readings in Minister al-Zoubi's Conference




Information Minister, Omran al-Zoubi's latest press conference has once more shed light on the ongoing crisis in Syria from different angles. It is an all-out comprehensive picturing for the realities on the ground. The crisis in Syria is soon to end, once the greedy, colonialist and petrodollar intruders cease their backing and unwavering support to the armed terrorist groups, mainly to al-Qaeda affiliated ones." The victory is but against the enemies of Syria who have been trying to link the future of Syria and its role to the Israeli agendas through Arab and regional tools."  Scores of messages were addressed, directly or indirectly, to those involved in the dirty conspiracy against Syria: had there been the necessary respect for anti-terrorism resolutions, issued in the aftermath of Sept. terrorist attacks, some officials in the neighboring countries would have been brought to justice. Syria has in hands authentic documents and proofs regarding the conspirators, including names and addresses.

Syria is strong and determined to defend its citizens against terrorism, the Syrian land and lands are but Syrian, and no terrorist group can uproot the Syrians from their land, nor weaken the Syrians' determination to defend their homeland. The Syria Arab Army, composed of every citizen and family, is strong on the ground, representing Syria as a whole. Syria is for all Syrians, even those who are ready to put their arms down, and surrender themselves to the State. The foreign-backed mercenaries and terrorists who perpetrated acts of killings, sabotage and destruction are but to be held accountable. The Syrian schools, infrastructure, wheat, hospitals, gas, kerosene, and factories are for the Syrians and not to be sold at low prices in Turkey. The Syrians should not be taken by media outlets of fabrications and lies. Syria is strong with its people, leadership, army and Syrianity, and no power whatsoever can defeat the Syrians' commitment to Syria's sovereignty, independence.

Dialogue among the Syrians and reforms for the Syrians, first and foremost initiated by the State, are the exact prescription; and those who reject dialogue are indeed afraid of the ballot boxes as well as of reforms. "Had those in the so-called Doha coalition or others had enough courage  to get  indulged in an open national political process, they would not have rejected the dialogue."  Reforms should upgrade and develop Syria, and never bring it back to prehistoric times, nor dismember it to entities or emirates. National opposition has to work not only to reject foreign intervention, but to call for the lifting of the unjust sanctions imposed, which have caused severe pain and headache  to the Syrians daily life and livings. National opposition has to reject the dictations by the governments of Qatar and Turkey, reject the  finance and support to armed terrorist groups and has to stand against terrorist crimes and actions, and has to tell Qatar, Turkey, France  and the Arab League to halt the trafficking of weapons , training of terrorists  and shipment of sophisticated weapons  to Syria.

A friend in need is friend indeed; Iran is the friend with a duty to work for dialogue. Russia is firm in supporting the Syrians' own choice, independence and sovereignty: Russia does not interfere in any matter pertaining to the Syrian national sovereignty, and stands for  a political solution through a political dialogue and a national pure Syrian process and dialogue." Iraq is a sisterly country, whose security and stability are of top importance to Syria, and those who push their noses in the affairs of Iraq, particularly Turkey, should refrain from doing so. Palestine is to ever remain the compass, the essence of the conflict with Israel and that the Palestinian Cause is ever to remain the central cause of Syria and that the Palestinian people  are but of the Syrians' identity, heritage  and future. Syria is a peace-loving Country and doesn't support aggressive acts against any country, and is never to use chemicals, if any, against anybody, whether inside or outside its borders. The USA has to consider its support to terrorist groups in operation against the Syrian State, infrastructure and people.

According to my simple understanding, these are but some of the direct messages, not to mention the many of important indirect messages- addressed by Minister al-Zoubi. Will the other side -or sides- receive , consider them and work accordingly in the interest of ALL. In the global village of today, the cancerous cells of terrorism are to grow, spread and spill over.

 Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim