The Syrian Adventure team documents the return of life to razed lands in Latakia

Latakia, (ST) - The Syrian Adventure team documented the signs of the return of life and vegetation to an important part of the lands that were exposed to fires in Latakia Governorate. The lands which extend from the village of Ananib in the countryside of Qardaha to the village of Masis in the Al-Muzayra’a sub-district in the Al-Haffah area, with a length of about six kilometers.

Ibrahim Saud, the leader of the Syrian Adventure team, said to SANA reporter that, during the march, which was carried out by 35 members of the team, it was obvious that life had  returned to the damaged section in the Al-Malqa area, which is the point connecting the stream coming from the village of Al-Sarraj and Wadi Annab.

Mohamed Kikhia, 21 years old, (a participant) said that, the sight of green plants re-growing despite the ash gives hope, and that what happened two years ago is a harsh lesson to all of us and it stresses the importance of spreading environmental awareness among different age groups. There is the need for youth teams, tourist groups and even families to abide by the rules of wildlife protection and preserve them because forests represent the lungs of the earth and they are our only outlet to restore balance, after long days of work.

Raghda Sawas-