Operations to remove fuel pollution from Baniyas Beach completed

Tartous (ST): With the completion of  removing the pollution by the concerned authorities in Tartous governorate, the beach of Banias city began to witness a remarkable recovery, as there were no smells or traces of the fuel that leaked from the cracked tank in the Baniyas Electricity Generating Company a few days ago.

Engineer Bassam Hammoud, the   man in charge said that within ashort period of time all pollution spots on the beach and in the depths of the sea were removed using Bosra al-Sham boat, and after that , the area was monitored for another 3 days for the possibility of other spots appearing in order to deal with them  and remove them.

He added, "After the completion of this period, the remnants of the pollution that occurred outside the beach are currently being transported and placed in safe places under the supervision of the Environment Directorate," noting that the transfer of wastes from the southern part has been completed, and currently the rest of the waste is being dealt with in the northern part, and "therefore, this file will be closed Fully.

In turn, the Director of the Environment in Tartous, Dr. Ali Daoud, indicated that the operation was carried out in cooperation with the concerned authorities in the governorate, the first of which is the Banias Electricity Generation Company, stressing that the work of removing pollution was completed two days ago, and only the remains of the products that were processed and which were buried in a special place away from the sea remain.