ACSAD holds a virtual conference on sustainable management of land resources

On the occasion of World Soil Day, the Arab Center for Studies of Dry Areas and Dry Lands (ACSAD) held the first virtual Arab scientific conference on the sustainable management of land resources and water uses

In the presence of the Minister of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform Muhammad Hassan Qatna16 Arab countries participated in the virtual conference. 

A youthful initiative to rehabilitate a number of parks in the city of Lattakia

Parks  provide spaces for communities to gather and for people to interact, and they bring our shared culture and history to life. Plant diversity is currently being lost at an unprecedented rate, resulting in an associated decrease in ecosystem services.

We therefore need to increase our efforts to develop integrative conservation approaches for plant species conservation  parks that play  a central role in meeting human needs and providing well-being.

Under the slogan  “ Consciously..We Protect our Environment”  an  initiative by young people  was launched to rehabilitate a number of parks in the city of Lattakia with the participation of fifty young men and women.

Afforestation Central Committee: Afforestation of 3800 hectares within production plan for next year

The Afforestation Central Committee discussed the implementation of its production plan for the current year until the end of last October and its plan for 2022, which includes fruit producing  afforestation, artificial afforestation and land reclamation.

Somalia declares a state of emergency due to drought

Mogadishu, (ST) - Somali Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Robley declared a state of emergency in the country due to the drought that is sweeping it.

Somali media quoted Robley as saying during a cabinet meeting that the current drought threatens many Somalis. He called on the international community to help those in need who have been affected by this drought caused by the lack of monsoon rains.

180 volunteers participate in an environmental activity

About 180 male and female volunteers from different governorates participated in the activity organized by the Syrian Association for Exploration and Documentation. Over two days, they cleaned Mount Qasioun near the Arbaeen shrine.

The activity came as part of the association's activities on the occasion of the National Environment Day, which falls on the first of November, according to the leader of field operations in the association, Khaled Noelati.