The Syrian Adventure team documents the return of life to razed lands in Latakia

Latakia, (ST) - The Syrian Adventure team documented the signs of the return of life and vegetation to an important part of the lands that were exposed to fires in Latakia Governorate. The lands which extend from the village of Ananib in the countryside of Qardaha to the village of Masis in the Al-Muzayra’a sub-district in the Al-Haffah area, with a length of about six kilometers.

Ibrahim Saud, the leader of the Syrian Adventure team, said to SANA reporter that, during the march, which was carried out by 35 members of the team, it was obvious that life had  returned to the damaged section in the Al-Malqa area, which is the point connecting the stream coming from the village of Al-Sarraj and Wadi Annab.

Fishing.... A profession that needs perseverance and patience

 Fishing constitutes an important source of income in the Syrian coastal cities, including Jableh in the countryside of Lattakia, whose residents  benef from the location of their city, which is in the middle of the coastal strip on the Mediterranean Sea and its connection to a wide countryside that extends to several Syrian  governorates , which constitute an important market for the sale of fish.

A number of   Jableh  port fishermen stressed to SANA   that  fishing  is a profession of patience and perseverance,  reviewing  fishing methods and types of nets , indicating    that most of the boats are suitable for all types of fishing except  some types  which require a large and strong boat.

Afforestation campaign in Tishreen Park in Damascus

 With the participation of 150 Syrian Special Olympics champions with intellectual disabilities, the Syrian Special Olympics Foundation, in cooperation with Damascus Governorate, organized an afforestation campaign in Tishreen Park in Damascus.

A number of Olympic champions expressed their joy at working and contributing to the service of society.

Judo playerAmjad Al-Araj and handball player Mohammed Maree highlighted the importance of planting trees for the return of the green color to our country and pushing forward the wheel of the country's reconstruction.

Solar Energy-Power Station at a cost of about one billion SYP put into service  in the countryside of  Sweida

“ Al-Ajmaa”  power station operated by  solar energy, which was put into service in the village of Hawt   in the southern countryside of  Sweida , is  one of the most important renewable energy projects in the governorate and a reflection of the growing investment in this field. 

The power station , which was carried out  by the Blue Planet Company for Energy Alternatives, was linked with the electrical network, to be the largest currently among the solar power stations  in the governorate in terms of its capacity, according to the concerned parties. 

After a ten-year hiatus due to terrorism, rebuilding a small branch of the Euphrates River in Deir Ezzor

On June 27th, the workshops of the Directorate of Water Resources in Deir ez-Zor have completed the work of isolating and rehabilitating the stream of the small branch of the Euphrates River that passes through the city center. 

The Director of Water Resources, Engineer Muhammad al-Rajab, said that the works to isolate and rehabilitate the stream of the small branch of the Euphrates River, which was carried out by the Directorate after a 10-year hiatus due to terrorism, included the removal of all 5 dams, each consisting of dirt, rock, cement and iron waste.