Syria, Iraq hold talks on cooperation to fight desertification and land degradation

Minister of Local Administration and Environment Hussein Makhlouf and the Iraqi Minister of Agriculture Mohammad Karim Al-Khafaji discussed during a meeting on Saturday enhancing bilateral relations and joint action in the field of environment. They also discussed cooperation with the Arab Center for the Studies of Dry Lands and Arid Zones (ACSAD) to find mechanisms for fighting desertification and dealing with rain shortage caused by climate changes.

 Makhlouf told journalists following the meeting that the two sides agreed on exchanging expertise regarding the protection of environment and the reduction of pollution and desertification and on reactivating the agreement signed previously between Syria and Iraq in this respect. He pointed out that the aim is to strengthen the agricultural sector in both countries, particularly in the light of the Turkish occupation's crime of cutting water supplies for the citizens in Hasaka and of building dams on the Euphrates and the Tigris rivers to deprive Syria from water.  

Cooperation agreement signed between ACSAD Center and the Iraqi Ministry of Agriculture

Damascus (ST): The Arab Center for Studies of Dry Areas and Arid Lands “ACSAD” signed today with the Iraqi Ministry of Agriculture a “cooperation agreement” on ways of cooperation and activities between the two sides and mechanisms for holding training courses to benefit from the center’s experience in developing the capabilities of Iraqi workers in the field of combating desertification, dust and sand storms, climate changes and how to transform degraded lands to productive lands and cultivated with strategic crops.

The agreement was signed by the center's director-general, Dr. Nasr Al-Din Al-Obeid, and for the Iraqi side by the Minister of Agriculture, Mohammad Karim Al-Khafaji, at the center's headquarters in Damascus Countryside.

The signing of the memorandum was preceded by a meeting between the two sides, during which a presentation of the Center’s plans and programs to support the efforts of Arab countries in achieving sustainable development, especially in the Republic of Iraq, with a comprehensive evaluation of the joint activities and projects currently being implemented and the possibility of establishing new development activities and projects, especially in the areas of desertification, rehabilitation of degraded lands, and the development of new types of wheat and barley and supplying Iraq with improved plantings of fruit trees. 

In a press statement, Al-Obaid affirmed the permanent readiness of ACSAD to put all its capabilities and expertise in the service of the programs and projects of the Iraqi Ministry of Agriculture to meet its aspirations and future plans for the development of the agricultural sector in their country.

Syria participates in high-level virtual dialogue on desertification, Land Degradation and Drought

DAMASCUS, (ST)_With the participation of Syria, the United Nations General Assembly held on Monday a high-level virtual dialogue on desertification, land degradation and drought at the United Nations headquarters in New York to assess the progress made in this field and global efforts to revive and restore lands. 
Representatives of governments, international institutions and organizations, who participated in the dialogue aimed to draw the attention of  the international community on issues related to lands , encourage all member states to adopt and implement LDN (Land Degradation Neutrality )targets and national drought plans and encourage the private sector to participate and support the Land Degradation Neutrality Fund and exchange experiences, best practices, advanced technologies and innovative business models that Promote green, resilient and inclusive recovery strategies.

Preventive measures in Lattakia to limit spread of fires and restore forest roads

Within the plan to combat forest fires, the Directorate of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform in Lattakia Governorate is working in coordination with public authorities to take preventive measures to limit the spread of fires in most areas of the governorate.

Head of the Forestry Department in the Directorate of Agriculture, Basem Doba, told a SANA reporter that the directorate has a number of measures as part of its preparations for a plan to combat forest fires, including the restoration of forest roads. So, about 880 kilometers were restored during a period of one and a half months out of a total plan estimated at 1,700 kilometers.

The Russian-Syrian Peace Park inaugurated in Mashta El Helou

Tartous (ST): The Russian-Syrian Peace Park  was inaugurated in Jabal al-Sayida in Mashta al-Helou. The work on this park was implemented by the Russian General International Organization, the Imperial Orthodox Palestinian Society and the Russian Charitable Association “Rosar”.

In his speech, the Russian ambassador in Damascus, Alexander Yefimov, referred to the symbolism of the occasion that coincided with the Russian National Day and the victory of President Bashar al-Assad in the presidential elections, pointing out that the opening of the Peace Park is an expression of the strength of relations and cooperation between the Russian and Syrian sides.