The Trust's volunteers plant Quina trees in Hama countryside

HAMA, (ST)_Volunteers of the Syria Trust for Development have planted 1000 forest saplings in Taldarah town in the eastern countryside of Hama, according to the Syrian News Agency (SANA).
The agency reported that the volunteers of the Trust in cooperation with the residents of the above mentioned town planted the forest Quina trees to reduce the spread of insects in the area and to feed bees. 
Basma Qaddour

” Our Environment is our Responsibility” marathon in

With the participation of hundreds of different age categories , the Environment Directorate in Lattakia held on Saturday an environmental marathon  under the title of "Our environment is our responsibility" within the framework of partnership between various  governmental and civil activities  to enhance the environmental  condition.  

The marathon, which was also part of the ongoing celebrations  on the occasion of the electoral  success  and the victory of   Dr.  Bashar  Al-Assad as president of the Republic  , set off from  Yachts  Club on the Blue Beach highway, passing through the western corniche of Lattakia  reaching Mar Takla  Square, where the first three winners were honored. 

Harut Lentian, who participated in the marathon and came third, stressed in a statement to SANA the importance of this initiative as a step towards preserving the environment.  

He indicated   " Civilizations  depend  on peoples and  the Syrians have given the world a new meaning of progress and civilization with their steadfastness," adding  “In this marathon we adopted  the slogan of hope by  sports and work. We extend our congratulations to the Syrian people for the success of the presidential elections and the re-election  of President Bashar al-Assad” . 

For his part, Ahmed Ali Al-Nasser, an athletics player who came first, indicated that the participation was not for the purpose of winning as much as  highlighting this event to express Syrians’  love for President Bashar al-Assad in a different way under the slogan of  “ hope by work” . 

In turn, Gibran Bashir, Executive Director of the Autism Association in Lattakia, which participated in the marathon, stated that participation is a major part of the association's endeavor to integrate people with autism into society  to be active people and to introduce  their abilities through this decent and civilized gathering. 

Children aged 6 and 10 participated in the marathon with their families, expressing their joy at this participation,  which is the first of its kind .  

Dr. Lama Ahmed, Director of the Environment Directorate said that she held aspiration that large-scale activities concerned with the environment in all its aspects, including on the beaches of the sea will be held  with the start of the tourist season. 

Daraa Fire Brigade and the Civil Defense put out 11 fires in several areas of the governorate

Daraa (ST): The Daraa Fire Brigade and the Civil Defense Directorate put out 11 fires that broke out in dry weeds and harvested remains in different areas of Daraa governorate.

The commander of the fire brigade, Colonel Mohammad Mahamid, said in a statement to news reporter today that the fires were spread among the dry grass at Al-Shara’a wells, the Health Directorate, next to Tishreen 16 Square, in Al-Kashef Al-Sharqi, herbs and harvest remnants in the towns of Al-Shajara and Jelin, dry herbs and trees in the town of Khirbet Ghazala and the city of Bosra Al-Sham.

Various scientific researches in the Fourth International Virtual Scientific Conference on Sustainable Development

Damascus, (ST) - Various scientific researches in the fields of environment, energy, health, medicine, soil and plant sciences, genetics, biotechnology and food were reviewed and discussed by the participants in the fourth hypothetical international scientific conference for sustainable development and the ways of its achievement in the Middle East organized by the Iraqi Environmental and Agricultural Palm Organization in cooperation with several Syrian academic and research bodies.

The Turkish regime continues its seizure of the Syrian share of the Euphrates and Khabur waters

On May 3rd, the Turkish regime continued its crimes by stealing  large quantities of the water of the Euphrates and Khabur Rivers and prevented them from flowing towards Syria.

The Khabur River is the main source of water for irrigation in the Governorate of Hasakah.

The Director of Water Resources in Al-Hasakah, Eng. Abdul Aziz Amin said: “The Turkish regime's breach of the agreement signed with Syria regarding the distribution of water shares in the Euphrates River.” 

Amin said that the normal flow during this period of the year is estimated between 5 and 8 cubic meters per second for Al-KhabourRiver.