The second Syrian Honey Festival kicks off in Al-Jalaa, Damascus

With the participation of 34 beekeepers from the public and private sectors, the activities of the second Syrian Honey Festival were launched on the grounds of the Al-Galaa Sports City in Damascus on January 17.

The Arab Beekeepers Union in Syria in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture organized the 5-day festival under the title “Honey ... Food, Medicine and Cure”.

Afforestation of 20 dunums in the Shumaria Mountains in the Mukhram area in Homs countryside

On January 11th , the Homs Agriculture Directorate carried out an afforestation campaign in the Al-Mukhram area in the eastern countryside of the governorate of Homs.

The Director of Agriculture, Eng. Muhammad Nazih Al-Rifai, said in that the afforestation campaign was carried out in an area of 20 dunums in the Wadi Zeidan site within the Shumaria Mountains in the Mukhram area.

Eng. Ziad Fandi, Head of the Forestry Department at the Agriculture Directorate, said that the campaign is part of the afforestation plan for the 2020-2021 season and aims to cultivate degraded areas, as the area has been sabotaged and cut off by terrorist groups.

Afforestation campaign in forests affected by fires in Masyaf in Hama countryside

At the initiative of the Syrian Trust for Development and with the participation of various NGOs and a number of volunteers, a massive afforestation campaign was implemented today in the mountain forests in Masyaf in Hama countryside to compensate for the losses resulting from the fires during the past year.

Lawyer Iyad Al-Fil from the Syrian Trust for Development said in a statement to SANA correspondent that this campaign is part of the "Our Land is a Trust" campaign launched late last year. He pointed out that the success of any initiative depends on the extent of interaction and participation of the civil society in it. As a result of the spontaneous and effective response of volunteers from various regions of the province in cooperation with government agencies the campaign has been successful .

On the occasion of Tree Day ... 45 hectares are planted with various trees at the Hayalin Forestry site in Hama countryside

Hama,(ST) A celebration of the 69th Tree Day was held today at the Hayalin Forestry site in Masyaf area in the countryside of Hama, during which the Ministry of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform launched a national afforestation campaign under the slogan (Our Land is Gold) with the aim of preserving the vegetation, increasing its area and restoring the  forests that were exposed to fires.

Afqa Spring… The Secret of Life in "Palmyra"

Afqa spring is located to the west of the Palmyra oasis at the southwestern end of the city and at the foot of the Al-Kayed Mountain, as it extends 350 meters inside the al-Muntar Mountain.

Thanks to  Afqa spring, which flows from ancient caves, the Palmyra oasis was created, as the spring was the secret of life in the city of Palmyra, the icon of the Syrian Desert.

It dates back to more than six thousand years, and it is locally called a bathroom, as it is called Afqa, which means in the Aramaic language the water exit i.e. the spring.