Afforestation campaign for fire-affected areas in Lattakia countryside

With the participation of 70 volunteers from the Syrian “ Daw’a” (Light)  Team and the initiative “to reforest our green mountains” , a forty-dunum afforestation campaign took place on Friday  in Jabal Al-Hurra in Rabi’a district in the northern countryside of Lattakia province.

The campaign included planting 1,400 seedlings of  carob,     pine ,nuts and laurel trees  within a framework of a series  of afforestation campaigns which are taking place in the province  in an attempt to make up for the damage of the recent fires that overwhelmed the governorate’s countryside .

300 volunteers carry out a cleaning campaign around the Citadel of Aleppo and plant trees in several sites in the city

With the participation of about 300 volunteers from the governorates of Damascus and Aleppo, a cleaning campaign was organized for the vicinity of the Citadel of Aleppo, in addition to an afforestation campaign in a number of sites in the city.

The Minister of Social Affairs and Labor, Dr. Salwa Abdullah, stressed in a statement to reporters the importance of volunteer work, congratulating the volunteers on their International Day. She underscored the volunteers ’activities for being one hand with the concerned authorities to reconstruct what the terrorist war on Syria has ruined.

Reforestation Plan carried out in fire-affected Areas in Tartous

The Agriculture Directorate in Tartous Governorate has begun implementing the  adopted reforestation plan  for this year, which targets areas that have been exposed to fires. 

Agronomist  Hassan Nassif, Head of the Forestry Department at   Agriculture Directorate in Tartous told SANA that reforestation plan  began in various regions of the governorate, including Mashta al-Hilu and Sheikh Badr with the participation of a number of government bodies  and NGOs in the governorate with the aim of rebuilding and preserving the vegetation cover. 

He  pointed  out that new kinds  were introduced this year, such as fruit forest trees and alpine trees, due to the great benefits they enjoy in addition to the well-known varieties such as pine, laurel and carob. 

Saffron the "red gold"....A promising cultivation in Syria

Saffron popularly known as Kesar in Hindi has been one of the oldest herbs known to man kind . It  is The most famous and oldest types of spices around the world , and it is a treasure trove.

Saffron is the most valuable medicinal food product because of its importance in the world’s economy.  This spice was used by several civilizations for its importance in pharmaceutics, cosmetic, perfumery and textile dye-producing industries.

Saffron , which is  called red gold, has  become a promising cultivation in various regions of Syria after the success of experiments that yielded good results that matched the best types of saffron produced worldwide.

SANA visited the saffron fields in Sarghaya and Al-Zabadani in Damascus countryside and reviewed the developments of cultivating saffron  in terms of  number of flowers, the production and quality of stems,  methods of cultivation  and how to spread it  in order to become  a promising  cultivation of strategic crops and so a new economic resource for people with limited incomes  and poor families.

Assistant Minister of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform Dr. Louai Aslan confirmed  to SANA that the ministry seeks to develop and spread aromatic crops with economic returns on a large scale.

Syrian youth team plants three thousand trees in Baloran village in Lattakia

As a continuation of the campaign “ with love we build it”, which was launched  in 2018 by  the Syrian  youth of" love and peace"  team  , the volunteers of the team have  planted about 3,000  forest saplings  in the fire-affected area in Baloran village  in  Lattakia countryside, which was  severely damaged by fires recently..

The team leader Anwar Muhammad  said in a statement to SANA  “ volunteers from provinces of Al- Hasaka, Daraa, Homs,  Lattakia  and  Damascus countryside participated in the two-days  event ”.