The village of Al-Zaytuna is an attractive  destination for ecotourism, due to its privileged location on a mountain hill, its fresh water, large valleys, and the beauty of its forests which are full of oak trees

Al-Zaytuna  is located within a forested area in  the western region of Hama Governorate with a population of 1500 people. It is about 800 meters above sea level and  affiliated to Wadi al-Oyoun district.

The village is famous for its fruitful trees that cover large areas of it, the most important of which are olives, as it derives its name from it, in addition to citrus, walnut, grape and fig trees.

Al-Zaytuna , which is 70 km away from the city of Hama, has a municipality serving five villages alongside al- Zaytuna, which are Ain Farraj, Ain al-Karam, Jebita, Kamiliyya, and Douir al-Mashayekh.

Amal Farhat