Ghaith Laila, a participant in the campaign and a student at the Institute of Computer Technology at Tishreen University, indicated that his participation in today's event comesĀ  as a contribution to the restoration of life to areas affected by fires, as it is the duty of young people to spread the culture of afforestation, preserve the environment and expand green spaces.

Laith Ismail, a student in the English language department, stressed the importance of increasing green spaces because of their aesthetic, environmental and health benefits, in addition to the great role that trees play in absorbing carbon dioxide and increasing the oxygen in the atmosphere.

Reem Issa, one of the participants in the campaign, pointed to the importance of encouraging a culture of volunteering and volunteer campaigns because it is the most effective way to restore greenery to our mountains, forests and agricultural lands that have been completely burned. This requires double the effort and cooperation to reduce the burdens on the owners of the affected lands under the current circumstances.

Amal Farhat