Head of Natural Resources Dep. Lattakia Research Center,Dr. Ammar Abbas, explained that fires are one of the most common factors of vegetation cover degradation in the coast basin; as they cause the removal of large areas of natural vegetation cover, exposing the soil to erosion due to the abundance of rainfall in the coastal region.

Whereas, Engineer Fad iQazenj ,head of the Forestry Research Division - Natural Resources Research Department, referred to the types of forest fires: surface, crown, and ground. He emphasized that an effective system to protect forests from fires should be applied by taking three effective measures: first, preventive measures to prevent fires before happening, second, focused procedures to detect fires, and last fires extinguishing.

Dr. Ahmed Mahmoud stressed that the natural regeneration of forests includes a set of measures that must be taken to restore vegetation cover, including: preventing intervention in burned sites for a period of at least two years in order to bring back to life trees that survived fire, and preventing grazing of all kinds in these areas.


Lama Razouk