He  indicated  that the campaign included  a cultural and artistic activity  under the title “The Homeland Epic.” It includes a choir and a theater show with the participation of 40 children.

In turn, the trainer of  Children of" Love and Peace" team Abeer Al-Khawaldeh  said “ Children are the future generation and the symbol of life and hope, and their great enthusiasm for participation gave us a great impetus that  coming days are better”.

Sheikh Abd al-Salam Pasha al-Awasmi from al-Hasaka province confirmed that their participation in the campaign  in Lattakia is a message of support which stresses that all Syrians  are one hand despite all the challenges.

The two children Ali and Maram al-Halabi from Damascus expressed their happiness in visit Lattakia and participating in the reforestation of the burned areas  to return  prosperous and green.

Engineer Jaber Saqour, Assistant Head of the Forestry Department in Lattakia governorate, indicated that the  activity included  planting about 3000 forest saplings  of carob, eucalyptus and pine trees in the Baloran region under the supervision of engineers and technicians at  the Agriculture Directorate.

Tom Duggan , a British journalist who has resided in Damascus for more than 7 years, confirmed that he used to participate in reforestation campaigns and gave a name to each tree to commemorate the souls of the martyrs. 

He pointed to the severe destruction  which damaged not only trees but  also all aspects of wildlife.

The British journalist underlined that “ what we cultivate today is for future generations in Syria who are brought up  to learn the oud, piano and guitar, and appreciate art, music and life “.


Rawaa Ghanam