Syrian and Lebanese communities in Argentina slam the "US Caesar Act"

Commissions and dignitaries representing the Syrian and Lebanese communities in Argentina have slammed the US coercive measures being imposed on Syria.
FIA ARAB union in Argentina has expressed its solidarity with Syria in confronting the fierce attack that targets it.
"The US destructive strategy that violates both the international law and the UN charter has reached the highest level of evil through implementing the so-called the Caesar Act, " the union said.
It condemned the economic terrorism which is being used as a new and destructive weapon to destabilize Syria.
The Syrian-Lebanese Club in Buenos Aires  affirmed that the so-called  Caesar Act targets the people of Syria, violating international law.
On his part, the Syrian Honorary Consul in Santiago del Estero city said that the US's  immoral threats and acts prove that the Trump administration is the main supporter of terrorists in Syria.      
Basma Qaddour