Syrian students in Russia: Participation in the People's Assembly elections is a national duty

Syrian students, who are studying in Russian institutes and universities, stressed the importance of participating in the People’s Assembly (Parliament) elections and choosing the most efficient representatives who are close to the concerns of the people.

They called for commitment to the national concerns.

Jalal Fayez Kahnoucheh, a Syrian student in Russia stressed the necessity of participating in the People's Assembly elections.


Larisa al-Ma’adi stressed that she participated in the electoral process and said: “I hope from our fellow students in Syria that they vote for the qualified young people who express our concerns and problems.”

She expressed her hope to increase the number of women members in the People's Assembly, believing in the importance of women and their effectiveness in society.

In turn, Zaina Al-Hassan and Hudhaif Aldaj asserted the necessity of participating in this constitutional merit because it is a national duty on us towards our country and our people, and for the best candidates.


O. al-Mohammad