Syrian Students in Malaysia, Serbia for Defending Homeland Pride, Dignity

KUALA LAMPUR, BELGRADE, (ST) _ Syrians students in both Malaysia and Serbia stressed during the celebration marking the 61th anniversary of the Syrian student day that they are the homeland loyal defenders and contributors to the building of its future and the advancement of its society.

Syrian Students in Russia Vowed Support for their Country, People and Army

MOSCOW, (ST)_ Syrian students in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States renewed their stand with their homeland Syria, their people and their army.

In a statement issued yesterday on the anniversary of the Syrian student day  which falls today (Monday), the students said that "the founding conference of the national union of Syrian students which was chaired by late leader Hafez Al-Assad on 30/03/1950, formed a quantum leap in the life of Syrian student movement at all political, social and cultural levels and gave Syrian youths the freedom of initiative and contribution to the development of the homeland and to raising its banners."

Expatriates in Slovakia: Terrorist Acts will not undermine Syria Unity

BRATISLAVA, (ST)_  Members of the Syrian community in Slovakia confirmed that terrorist and criminal acts will not be able to destabilize Syria’s unity, reiterating their stand for their country and army, under the leadership of President Bashar al-Assad, until ultimate victory is achieved.

In a statement yesterday, members of the community condemned the cowardly terrorist bombing which targeted innocent civilians in Hassaka city and resulted in killing and wounding scores of citizens last week.

Expatriates' Role in Tourism - Underlined

DAMASCUS, (ST)_ Tourism minister Bisher Yazigi has underscored on Tuesday the important role played by Syrian expatriates in revealing the truth of what is happening in Syria of systematic destruction committed by terrorist organizations against Syrian's historical and tourism monuments.

During his meeting with president of Syrian community association in Italy Jamal Abu Abbas, the minister thanked the expatriates for organizing many activities and popular events recently in Italy.

Syrian Flag Raised on Colosseum in Rome

ROME, (ST)_ Youths of “European Solidarity Front for Syria” raised on Monday, the Syrian flag on the Roman amphitheatre “Colosseum” in downtown Rome in Italy to voice solidarity with Syrian people in the confrontation of the four-year long aggression against Syria.

Italian citizens and tourists were gathered to watch the raise of the Syrian flag on one of the most famous monuments in Italy.