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Solidarity Stand in Quneitra to Support Syrian Citizens in Golan against Zionist Projects

QUNEITRA- Popular, civil and official figures staged on Monday a sit-in at Quneitra crossing to show solidarity with Syrian citizens in the occupied Syrian Golan against practices of the Zionist entity which aim to loot properties of the families in the villages of Majdal Shams, Baqa’ata and Mas’a’da, SANA reported.

The Israeli occupation authorities seek to set up air turbines on the farmers’ properties to confiscate their lands and Judaize the Golan.

A number of the participants in the solidarity stand told SANA that families of Golan and Quneitra are very determined to continue struggle until liberating the whole territory of Golan and raise the Syrian flag on that land.

 They indicated that the occupation authorities are behaving in an unprecedented aggressive and racial way under fake pretexts in a bid to pass the turbines project and the documents of the lands’ property.

The figures called on the international organizations to play their legal and human role and practice pressure on the Israeli occupation authorities to stop their arbitrary policies against Syrian families in their villages.