On Martyrs' Day, people in occupied Syrian Golan are more determined to continue defending Syria's sacred soil, dignity

QUNEITRA, (ST)- Marking Martyrs' Day, people in the occupied Syrian Golan have reaffirmed their adherence to their homeland and their determination to offer sacrifices in defense of Syria's sacred soil and dignity.

In a statement on Tuesday, the Golanese said, addressing the Syrians countrywide, that the anniversary of Martyrs' Day, which falls on May 6th every year, comes while victorious Syria is still offering martyrs in defense of the entire Arab nation."

"Convoys of martyrs have never stopped since the beginning of the occupation of Syrian territories, mainly the Golan, the dear part of the homeland, which has been in the forefront in defense of Syria since the Ottoman occupation followed by the French colonialism and the Zionist occupation," People in the Golan stressed.

 They promised their fellow citizens that they will remain loyal to Syria and adherent to the Golan whose soil has been watered by the sacred blood of martyrs, the noblest and most generous of all.

The people in occupied Golan concluded the statement by saluting the souls of the martyrs of beloved Syria, asserting that Syria will triumph over occupiers through the steadfastness of its people, the strength of its army and the wisdom of its leadership.

Martyrs' Day marks the anniversary of the execution of scores of Syrian nationalists at al-Marjeh Square in Damascus and al-Burj Square in Beirut on May 6th, 1916 by the  Ottoman occupation army leader Jamal Pasha, best known as "Jamal Pasha, the butcher".

The nationalists were executed for resisting the ottoman occupation.


Hamda Mustafa