General Conference of the Arab Parties stresses the inevitability of liberating Golan from Israeli occupation

Beirut (ST): The General Secretariat of the General Conference of the Arab Parties affirmed its complete rejection of the US decision related to the occupied Syrian Arab Golan stressing the Syrian Arab identity of the Golan which will be liberated from occupation.
In a statement released on the 72nd Nakba anniversary, the General Secretariat denounced the US policies and the tight economic blockade being imposed on Syria and Iran and all states in the axis of resistance with the aim of weakening them and preserving the so-called security of the Zionist entity.
The statement also denounced the rushed steps towards normalization and the clear support in deeds and words for the Israeli aggression against Gaza stressing that the Palestinians are adamantly adhering to the option of resisting occupation.
The statement renewed complete rejection  of the US President Donald Trump’s decision to transfer the embassy of his country to Jerusalem and all the measures related to the so-called the deal of the century which aims to liquidate the Palestine question.