The occupation authorities issued an unjust sentence of 3 years in prison for Nihal Suleiman Al-Muqt

Quneitra,(ST)-Last night, the Israeli occupation authorities issued an unfair prison sentence for 3 years against the activist Nihal Suleiman Al-Muqt sister of the freed prisoner Sidqi Al-Muqt, resident of Majdal Shams in the occupied Syrian Golan.

This ruling is a continuation of the oppressive and arbitrary practices against the occupied Golan and as a punishment for their national stances and their adherence to their land, belonging and Syrian identity, which was confirmed by the liberated prisoner, Sheikh Suleiman al-Muqt, Nahal’s father, in a telephone conversation with the Sana office in Quneitra, saying that "this ruling is null and illegal because it was issued by the occupation authority, It is illegal and comes in revenge for our national stances towards the occupied Golan and the issue of the heroic prisoners in his detention".

Sheikh Suleiman stressed the rejection of the arbitrary court decision, reiterating the continuation of the path of resistance and opposition to the occupation until its removal and the return of the Golan to Syrian national sovereignty. He also  condemned the repressive practices of the occupation authorities that practice the policy of repression, arrest and imprisonment against the people of the Golan

The freed prisoner Sidqi Suleiman al-Muqt has repeatedly stressed the continuation the resistance and struggle in the face of the aggressive practices of the Israeli occupation until the occupied Golan returns to homeland, Syria.

Haifaa Mafalani