Al-Jaafari: The restoration of the occupied Golan is a priority for Syria and a compass that it will not deviate from

Syria's Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Dr. Bashar Al-Jaafari, reiterated that the occupied Syrian Golan is an integral part of Syrian territory, and that its restoration to the line of June 4, 1967, by all means guaranteed by international law, will remain a priority for the Syrian policy and the compass that will not deviate from it.

During a session of the Security Council on Tuesday on the situation in the Middle EastAl-Jaafari made it clear that the Israeli occupation has occupied Arab lands, including the Syrian Golan, for fifty years, in blatant contempt for the provisions of the United Nations Charter and the norms of international law and for hundreds of resolutions adopted by the United NationsThe Israeli occupation continues to commit grave and systematic violations of international humanitarian law and human rights that amount to war crimes such as the forcible transfer of populations, the demolition of homes, the seizure of land and property, theft of natural resources, the siege of cities, and the destruction of agricultural crops- benefiting from the protection afforded to it by some permanent members of the Security Council, particularly the United States.


Al-Jaafari pointed out that the American administration’s current support to the Israeli occupation and its expansionist settlement plans reached an unprecedented level, manifested by the American administration’s announcement of occupied Jerusalem as the capital of the Israeli occupation and the transfer of its embassy to it, and then the American Administration’s declaration on the occupied Syrian Golan in addition to the attempt of the Israeli occupation to annex lands in the West Bank once again. Al-Jaafari  renewed the condemnation of Syria and the  vast majority of member states of these measures, considering it as merely unilateral act issued by a party that does not have the political, legal, or moral capacity to decide the fate of the peoples of the world or to act on lands that are an integral part of the territories of the Syrian Arab Republic and occupied Palestine.

Al-Jaafari said: The people of the Syrian Golan,who are under occupationhave the right to question the credibility and effectiveness of the United Nations in resolving their just cause as they do not see any international effort to put an end to the violations and practices of the Israeli occupation and to oppression, persecution and racial discrimination against them. It’s clear to the sons of the Syrian Golan the refusal of the Israeli occupation to open Quneitra crossing to those wishing to visit their homeland and relatives in Syria and the lack of access to appropriate medical care in light of the spread of the Corona epidemic, which constitutes an additional threat to their lives in light of the discriminatory treatment of the occupation against them because of their adherence to their Syrian Arab identity and their rejection of "Israeli identity".

Al-Jaafari called on the international community to put an end to the policy of arbitrary detention and mock trials pursued by the Israeli occupation forces.

Al-Jaafari pointed out that the Israeli occupation launched a series of missile attacks on Monday on Syrian territories to raise the morale of the remaining terroristsas a flagrant violation of the 1974 Separation of Forces Agreement, international law, the United Nations Charter, and relevant Security Council resolutions, noting that these attacks would not have taken place had it not been for  the failure of the Security Council to impose the implementation of its resolutions related to the Arab-Israeli conflict for decades, and without the unlimited support provided by some permanent members of the Council to the occupation

Al-Jaafari affirmed Syria's support for the right of the Palestinian people to self-determinationthe establishment of an independent state over all of its national territory with Jerusalem as its capital, and the Palestinian people’s right to return, reiterating Syria’s demand to grant the State of Palestine full membership in the United Nations.

Al-Jaafari stressed that the stability of the Middle East and the credibility of the United Nations requires taking measures to implement international decisions related to ending the Israeli occupation of the occupied Arab lands, including the Syrian Golan, and withdraw from them to the line of June 4, 1967 in accordance with the relevant United Nations resolutions, especially the resolution No. 242

Inas Abdulkareem