Al-Maqt: People of occupied Syrian Golan won’t allow the occupation to implement its turbine scheme on their lands

 Sidqi al-Maqt, a liberated Syrian captive, has reiterated that the people of the occupied Syrian Golan will continue to defend their lands whatever the sacrifices are and they will never allow the Israeli occupation to implement its settlement scheme that aims at building wind turbines on their agricultural lands.

“The Israeli occupation forces intensified their presence in the occupied Syrian Golan with the aim of seizing agricultural lands on which they want to implement their settlement scheme,” Al-Maqt, who was among the citizens of the occupied Syrian Golan who massed themselves in the roads leading to their agricultural lands to protest against the Israeli plan to install wind turbines on their farmlands, said in a statement to the Syrian TV on Monday.

He added that the locals will not accept and will not allow the Israeli authorities to implement this scheme, whatever it costs.

“This is Syrian Arab land,” he reiterated.

 Al-Maqt affirmed the adherence of the people of the Golan to their land and their Syrian Arab identity, stressing that they will continue with their struggle against the occupation until the entire occupied Syrian Golan is liberated and returned to Syria.

The Israeli occupation forces on Monday closed the main entrances of some villages in occupied Syrian Golan and prevented the citizens from reaching their agricultural lands where the occupation plans to illegally install huge wind turbines

Hamda Mustafa