The UN adopts resolution documenting Israeli aggressive practices against Golan people

New York (ST): The UN Economic and Social Council has unanimously adopted a resolution that documents the aggressive practices of the Israeli occupation and the adverse economic and social consequences of these practices on the people of the  Golan and the Palestinians in the occupied Arab territories.

Forty seven states voted in favor of the resolution, three states ( the US, Canada and Australia) objected while four states abstained.

Syria's permanent representative to the meeting Majd Nayal expressed high appreciation  of the Syrian government to the report submitted by the UN economic and social committee in Western Asia ESCWA which documented the adverse consequences of the Israeli occupation on the Golan people and the Palestinians in the occupied Arab territories.

Development of the Captives Culture in Zionist Prisons ... "The Liberated Syrian Captive Sedqi al-Maqt is a Model."

"The total number of those who entered the Zionist prisons and jails since the Nakba until the end of June 2020 exceeded one million male and female , therefore, talking about the march of struggle and resistance of prisoners and detainees in Zionist prisons is not an easy matter." By these words, the researcher Majed Diab begins his lecture, entitled “Development of the Prisoners' Awareness and Culture in Zionist Prisons… The Liberated Prisoner Sedqi al-Maqt as a Model,” which he gave in the Sami al-Droubi hall in the Cultural Center in Homs.

Diab indicated that the number of prisoners and detainees today in the Israeli prisons is 5500 prisoners distributed over 27 prisons, including 200 children, 49 women, and 700 patients pointing that the number of detainees who were martyred in Zionist prisons and jails reached 224 as a result of gunfire, torture or deliberate medical negligence.

The researcher made it clear that the development of the prisoners' culture inside Israeli prisons contributed to keeping the prisoners in a state of permanent struggle , as this development resulted in what is known as the "Prisoners' Document", which expresses the "National Accord Document" in 2006, as they had a prominent role in the freedom and independence uprising which erupted in (1987-1993) .

"The culture of prisoners also contributed to the registration of the longest hunger strike in the world when prisoner Samer Al-Issawi continued his hunger strike for 287 days, in addition to the fact that this culture raised the percentage of those who returned to the struggle after their liberation from captivity to the highest rates in the world," Diab added.

The occupied Golan is a Syrian land and the West practices double standards, says Zmitko

Prague, (ST) The former head of the Central Central Control Board of the Moravian Czech Communist Party, Otakar Zmitko, stressed that the Golan was Syrian land which was occupied by the Israeli entity in flagrant violation of international law.He criticized the double standards adopted by the West on this issue.

He said in an article published by the Czech newspaper, Halo Novini today that "the annexation of the Golan took place within the framework of expansionist plans for the Israeli entity, which also includes the seizure of more West Bank lands, but the West remains silent in the face of these illegal practices."

Al-Jaafari: The restoration of the occupied Golan is a priority for Syria and a compass that it will not deviate from

Syria's Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Dr. Bashar Al-Jaafari, reiterated that the occupied Syrian Golan is an integral part of Syrian territory, and that its restoration to the line of June 4, 1967, by all means guaranteed by international law, will remain a priority for the Syrian policy and the compass that will not deviate from it.

During a session of the Security Council on Tuesday on the situation in the Middle EastAl-Jaafari made it clear that the Israeli occupation has occupied Arab lands, including the Syrian Golan, for fifty years, in blatant contempt for the provisions of the United Nations Charter and the norms of international law and for hundreds of resolutions adopted by the United NationsThe Israeli occupation continues to commit grave and systematic violations of international humanitarian law and human rights that amount to war crimes such as the forcible transfer of populations, the demolition of homes, the seizure of land and property, theft of natural resources, the siege of cities, and the destruction of agricultural crops- benefiting from the protection afforded to it by some permanent members of the Security Council, particularly the United States.

People in occupied Syrian Golan renew protests against Israel's plan to set up wind turbines on their farmland

People in the occupied Syrian Golan organized a rally near Birket Ram adjacent to Mount Hermon to protest agaunst the Israeli plan to set up wind turbines on their farmlands.

Participants in the rally expressed their complete rejection of all the Israeli occupation's Judaization schemes, foremost of which is the project of building wind turbines on the farmland of the people of Golan and of confiscating locals' properties by force.

The participants affirmed that the scheme is part of the Zionist occupation's hostile procedures against the land and identity of Golan and it aims at looting the properties of the Golanese, who have the exclusive right to do whatever they want in their land.