On anniversary of the liberation of Quneitra , the return of the occupied Syrian Golan inevitable

The 26th of June , 1974 marks a day of pride for Syrians across country for in that day the Israeli occupation of the southern city of Quneitra was brought to an end..

 Forty-six years have passed since the anniversary of the liberation of Quneitra from the Israeli occupation and  raising of the national flag in the city ,  the Syrians confirm their insistence more than ever to continue their struggle till  the liberation of the occupied Syrian  Golan and every  inch of Syrian land, whether from terrorism or the occupational forces which support it.

The day of victory over the Zionist enemy and the restoration of Quneitra to the bosom of the homeland on  June  26th 1974 is the day on which that late president  Hafez al-Assad, raised the nation’s flag in the sky of the liberated city after it had been liberated by the Syrian Arab Army from the Israeli enemy thanks to the heroism and sacrifices of the army personnel and the resilience of the Syrian people during the October Liberation War.This victory proved a basic fact - Syria’s inalienable and legitimate right to fully restore the occupied Syrian  Golan.

Al-Maqt: Syria’s victories against terrorism push the US & Israel to impose the so-called Caesar Act

Occupied Syrian Golan (ST): The liberated Syrian captive Sedki al-Maqt has reiterated the continuity of the march of struggle and resistance until the full liberation of the occupied Syrian Golan and its return to its motherland Syria.

Interviewed by Syria Today Channel, al-Maqt stressed the adherence of the occupied Golan people to their motherland and the Syrian Arab identity  and the continuity of struggle in confrontation of the Judaization plans, especially the Israeli settlement project to construct wind turbines on the Golan people’s lands and confiscate their properties by force.

The sons of the occupied Syrian Golan renew their rejection of the occupation plan by installing wind turbines on their lands

The sons of the occupied Syrian Arab Golan renewed their absolute and unequivocal rejection of the Zionist settlement plan of installing turbines on their agricultural lands and seizing their property by force.

During a meeting in the occupied village of Masada on June 21, the sons of the occupied Golan asserted that this plot must be confronted with all available means and continue to fight it at all levels, noting that since the announcement of this Zionist plot, they expressed their rejection of the installment of turbines on their land.

The Quneitra Cultural Festival kicks off thursday

The activities of the Quneitra Cultural Festival, which will be held by the Ministry of Culture, will start next Thursday.

The opening ceremony, which is held at six in the evening at Dar Al-Assad for Culture and Arts in Damascus, will show musical lyrical performances depicting the history of Quneitra, in addition to honoring a number of the province's intellectuals, who are Dr. Abdul Karim Al-Hussein, Gansett Kazan, Muhammad Abu Khaled, Abdul Karim Al-Omar, Ghassan Shamit, Lamis Al-Ahmad, Jamal Al-Ali, Khaled Al-Qish, Youssef Al-Muqbel, Ali Al-Qasem, Ahmed Ali Muhammad, Ali Al-Muzal, Faisal Mufleh, Aktham Tala'a.

Al-Muqt: "US Caesar Act" targets the steadfastness of the Syrian people

The freed prisoner Sedqi Al-Muqt, resident of Majdal Shams in the occupied Syrian Golan, has said that the US and the western coercive economic measures, including the so-called "Caesar Act",  that are being imposed on Syria target the people of Syria and their steadfastness in fighting terrorism.