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Coronavirus deaths around the world exceed two million and one hundred thousand cases

Capitals-,(ST)-The new Coronavirus has killed two million 131,564 people around the world since its outbreak began last December.

According to the Worldometer website, which is run by a group of international developers and experts, the total number of HIV infections around the world reached 99 million and 378858 infections, while the number of people recovering reached 71 million and 451,037 people.

In Brazil, the Ministry of Health announced 1,202 deaths and 62,334 new cases of the virus, bringing the total deaths to 216,445 cases, and infections to 8 million and 816,254 infections.

To confront the Corona epidemic, Lebanon extends the general closure until February 8

On January 21st, the Lebanese government decided to extend general closure in the country until the eighth of next February, within the framework of measures to address the outbreak of the Corona epidemic.

The Lebanese National News Agency quoted Director General of the Cabinet Mahmoud Makiya as saying in a statement that “the Cabinet issued a statement extending the complete closure decision,”.

On January 4th, the Lebanese government announced the general closure of the country until the end of this month.


O. al-Mohammad

WHO: The British version of the modified Covid 19 has spread to 60 countries

Geneva,(ST)-Today, the World Health Organization announced that the British version of the modified Corona virus has emerged so far in at least 60 countries, that is, ten more countries than it was a week ago.

"The second mutated version that appeared for the first time in South Africa and is believed to be more contagious than the British version has been detected on its part in 23 countries and regions to this day, three countries more than the number recorded on the 12th of January," the French Press Agency quoted the organization as saying. There is little information available to know whether the viability and severity of the virus has changed in these mutated forms.

The organization indicated that the two mutated versions of the virus spread faster, but they are not more dangerous. However they have caused increased pressure on health systems, which in some countries, such as Britain and the United States, appear about to explode.

Corona kills more than two million and 48 thousand people around the world

Capitals, (ST)  - Corona virus has claimed the lives of more than two million and 48 thousand people around the world since December 2019 until now, according to the latest statistics of the American Worldo meters site.

According to the site, the total number of Coronavirus infections around the world reached 95960820 cases, and the total deaths 2048081 cases, while the total cases of recovery from the virus reached 68506200.

The United States continues to lead the countries’ most affected by the virus in terms of infections and deaths, with 408,469 deaths out of 24608828 infections, followed by India with 152593 deaths out of 10582647 infections, then Brazil third, with 210,299 deaths out of 8511,770 injuries.

Bearing in mind that, the total number of infections in the world has reached more than 96 million.

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Lebanon signs final contract to secure 2.1 million doses of Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine

Lebanon on Sunday signed a final contract to secure 2.1 million doses of Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine as the country battles a sharp spike in new cases of Coronavirus, according to a statement by the press office of the Lebanese Health Minister Hamad Hassan.

The vaccine is expected to begin arriving in February, the statement said.

The ministry is also coordinating with the private sector to bring in 2 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, which AstraZeneca and Sinopharm companies produce, the statement added.

Additional vaccines have been booked from “Johnson” company, which will arrive once the global approvals for the vaccine are over, and investigations are still underway with the American company Moderna and Russia's Sputnik for booking the vaccines.