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A New World Record for Syrian Player

The committee that observe the achievement of the Taekwondo player Mohamed Abdel Qader Faizou  is contacting with the Guinness record to finish all the needed procedures, to include Faizou's name in its records.

The student in the second year of the Physical Education faculty was able to break the world record for the side pressure exercise recorded by the Archer Bush Aps, setting a new world record of 68 presses per minute that qualifies him to enter the Guinness Book of Records.

The referee accredited by the Guinness Book of Records, Esper Elias, explained to SANA that Faizou managed to break the previous record of 55 pressures indicating that the committee of the Guinness Book of Records has been contacted.

The Guinness World Committee will watch the video tape, the file of the attempt and all the supporting documents before making the final decision about adopting it as a valid attempt and registering the new record by the side-pressure exercise in the name of the Syrian, Elias added.

"The injuries I suffered in the sport of taekwondo prevented me from achieving my ambitions, but the success in breaking the world record by the side pressure exercise last month came as a result of will, determination, and continuous training, and it is an opportunity to achieve my dream by raising the name of Syria in international forums", Faizou said.

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Equestrian Republic Cup Championship concludes

Equestrian Republic Cup Championship, which was held by the Equestrian Federation in Dimas in Rural Damascus, has concluded.

Muhammad Jubrani from the Spirit team Club won the High class title (140 cm), while Laith Al-Ali from the Army Club won the title of (135 cm class) and Sham Al-Assad from the Team Spirit Club won the title of (125 cm class). On the other hand  Ahmed Al-Masry from Al-Shorta Club won the Open Class Championship title (115 cm).

As for the smaller category (105 cm, 85 cm), both Ahmed Al-Masry and Amr Al-Ghafir from the Army Club won the title of children's championship.

It is to be mentioned that the tournament competitions in all its categories took place in the arbitration system of two halves asymmetric, where this arbitration type force all knights to pass the two halves of the match and the winners are determined according to the result of the faults of the two halves and the time of the second half.


By breaking the world record in the side push up exercise, Syrian student is eligible to enter the Guinness Book of Records

On December 20, Mohamed Abdel-Qader Faiddou, a second year student at the Faculty of Physical Education at Tishreen University, managed to set a new world record that qualifies him to enter the Guinness Book of Records with the lateral push up exercise (Archer Push Ups).

Faiddou was able to record sixty-four lateral push ups within one minute, surpassing the previous world record recorded of fifty-five .

A cycling track for people with special needs opened in Damascus

Damascus (ST): Marking the World Day for People with Special Needs and with the participation of a number of sports celebrities, the Syrian Special Olympiad Establishment opened a special cycling track for people with special needs in Burniah Street, Damascus.

The 1300 m track extends from Al-Fayha’a sports city swimming pool until Burniah Street. About 150 participants from people with special needs and outstanding sports personalities took part in the event which was followed by planting saplings on both sides of the track. 

A good start for the Syrian Basketball

The Head of the General Sports Federation, Firas Mualla, confirmed that the victory of the Syrian men's basketball team over its Iranian counterpart yesterday in the Asian qualifiers is a good start for Syrian basketball and an incentive for the players to give their best in their upcoming matches.

 "This victory was very important because the Iranian team is the strongest teams in Asia. Great efforts that were made to provide the national team with all their needs through the local and foreign training camps, a foreign coach for the team and supporting the team with a foreign player playing under the Syrian flag ", Mualla indicated during the team’s reception at the Syrian-Lebanese border in Jadidat Yabous, after returning from the United Arab Emirates.