Christmas and New Year's bazaars are a space for joy and for supporting the poor and needy people

With the approach of Christmas and  New Year, charity bazaars begin their activities by showcasing popular and home-made products while adhering to the precautionary and preventive measures to combat the Coronavirus.

The bazaars are taking place  currently in two churches in the districts of Al-Abbassieen and Bab Touma in Damascus. The bazaars included woolen products and handicrafts of various shapes and colors in addition to festive supplies such as food, sweets, decorations and clothes for different ages.

Nadia Nicola from the Organizing Committee of the Bazaar said 40 women participated in the bazaar. The Bazaar’s revenues will be returned to the poor, orphans and needy families. Three charitable societies and a number of women support and take part in the bazaars. Everyone worked to present the bazaar in the best way and to contribute to spreading joy and happiness to people and giving them an opportunity to shop.

Participant Hussam Haddad stressed the need to participate in these bazaars, as they represent charitable work to support the poor, the needy and the sick so that they can celebrate Christmas like everyone else.

First 100 issues of “ Al-Hayat” Cinema Magazine Republished Online

The electronic Cinema Horizons magazine , issued by the General  Establishment for Cinema  , has  begun publishing the first 100 issues of the Cinema  “ Al-Hayat”  magazine after  archiving  these issues  electronically with the aim of preserving them and providing an opportunity for those who are interested in  Syria and abroad  to review them.

Regarding this project, the Cinema Horizon magazine’s editor-in-chief and film critic Nidal Qoushaha , said in a statement to SANA  “the idea of archiving  the Cinema Al-Hayat magazine began with publishing   its 100th issue, which coincided  with the  passing  of 26 years since its launching , which  is considered one of the oldest continuous Arab cinema  magazines to be published without interruption”.


AymanZidan, the famous Syrian actor is making a comeback to television after an absence of 5 years, with a new Damascene environment series, entitled "Al-Kandoush", written by the prominent  Syrian drama writer ,Hossam Tahseen Beyk that will be directed by Samir Hussein. The work was officially announced in one of the capital's hotels.

Ayman Reda, who will be the general supervisor of the execution of the series; revealed that he is about to establish a production company with ALBarghli Group for Film and Television Production.

Tahseen Bek stated that the series will present a true Damascene setting closer to documentation,  and will for sure present a distinctive perspective from previous Damascene drama works that will display a true picture of Syria during the Ottoman rule.


Lama Razzok



Damascene folk singing, a simple tune for different purposes

Folk singing is part of the oral history that documents the social life in every society and presents its traditions and customs. An example of this kind of singing is the Damascene folk singing that highlights the Damascenes’ traditions and customs.

According to Syrian music researcher Ahmed Boubes, folk songs have expressed many aspects of Damascene social life and traditions that were linked to each other but were varied according to the purposes and occasions. These songs were distinguished by the simplicity of melody and words, which made it easy for people to remember, especially for Damascene women who used to perform such songs at evenings, picnics and social events.

Boubes said that all the Damascene songs came in the form of the Taqtuqa (a standard 3-4 minute Arabic song with multiple verses and a repeating chorus) and one musical Maqam (oriental tune). Most of the time, singing is accompanied by playing the oud and tambourine, and darbuka.

Engagement and wedding occasions in Damascus have special traditions as far as singing is concerned.

Syrian film “The first Day “ wins two Awards at Prague International Monthly Film Festival 2020

The Syrian film “The First Day” by young director Lotus Massoud won the Best Short Film and Best Direction Awards at the Prague International Monthly  Film Festival ( PIMFF).

 "The First Day”, is the only Arab film that won awards at the PIMFF . It was produced by the Syrian General Establishment of  Cinema   within the framework  of  supporting  youth cinema projects .

The film talks about  the day the terrorist bombs stopped falling on Damascus on May 22, 2018, following the purification of the Damascus countryside from  terrorists.It also   sheds light on the Syrian people’s daily fear and suffering  for several years due to these bombs which targeted a number of innocent civilians.