A Syrian expatriate enters Ukraine’s record book by making a 16-meter long cake

The Syrian expatriate chef, Nour Gamil Hamza, who specializes in European sweets manufacturing, entered the Ukraine Records Book of 2020 by making the largest cake.

Hamza, who resides in Ukraine, prepared a cake 16 meters long, 42 centimeters wide, about 200 kilograms in weight and approximately 7 centimeters high, has achived  a new record in the field of sweets.

Hamza said that he  took two days to prepare this large dessert cake which consists of apples, cream, cheese, cinnamon and cardamom plus caramel, , describing the  preparation process  as hard due to its large size and the large number of materials it contain.


Hamzah confirmed that he sought to achieve this achievement and attributed it to the sons of Syria in the overseas who raise the name of their country high, expressing his pride in belonging to Syria, the land of civilizations.

Inas Abdulkareem