The history of the Christmas tree and the most expensive types

A lot of people are keen to buy it and use it as a decoration within the celebration of the beginning of the year and Christmas and add different accessories and gift boxes.

The history of Christmas trees dates back to the symbolic use of evergreen trees in ancient Egypt.

The ancient Egyptians worshiped a god named "Raa" and they devoted a day to celebrating his recovery from his illness as a symbol of the victory of life over death using trees in their celebration.

Candlelit Christmas trees first appeared in America in the nineteenth century and were used during the celebration of the early winter solstice.

And with the passage of time, the decorated evergreen tree became a main pillar of celebration of Christmas, associated with its name, and people became artistic in its manufacture and decoration, and its prices varied greatly.

In Spain, the most expensive Christmas tree in the world appeared at a price of 15 million$, and it contained diamonds and high-value stones.

And in 2010, Abu Dhabi, Guinness World Records registers the most expensive Christmas tree in the world, valued at approximately  11 million$, reaching 43.2 feet, and decorated with 181 pieces of jewelry.

In Japan, the height of the Christmas tree has reached 2.4 meters priced at 4.2 million US dollars and includes 50 Disney characters.

Finally, the Tanaka tree in Tokyo is considered one of the most expensive trees, and it contains 12 kilograms of pure gold, which reached 468,000$.

Lama Razzouk