Al-Kindy Cinema in Lattakia Hosted “Single Play” Film

Al-Kindy cinema in the city of Lattakia has  hosted the first   screening of the feature film "Single Play" (Azef Munfered), directed and written  by Abdel-Latif Abdel-Hamid.

“The film, which was produced by the General Film Establishment   and won international awards, shed light on the events of the year  2013 and the nobility of the Syrian individual  through  the film's hero, “Talal”, the bassist    whose morals did not allow him to ignore the assistance of a man he did not know at the time  and who is experiencing the difficulties of daily life” according to the director Abdel Hamid.

Abdul Hamid considered in a statement to SANA that his presence  in Lattakia and presenting his work in Al-Kindy cinema  comes as a kind of  appreciation  to this cinema , which has played a vital and important role in forming and supporting  his cinematic experience and culture.

The film’s hero Fadi Sobeih  expressed his happiness at presenting the film at Al-Kindi cinema in Lattakia his birthplace,  pointing out that this cinema has been renovated  by the General Organization for Cinema and equipped with modern projectors equivalent to the most important cinemas.

He stressed the audience in Lattakia is interacting with all kinds of cultural activities, hoping to open more cinemas. 

Concerning his role in the film, Sobeih indicated that the film showed the similarity of the situation of many Syrians through a bass player who was forced by the conditions of war to work in places that are not appropriate to his art and how he   found himself responsible for helping a man he does not know despite his own difficult circumstances.

For his part, the artist Gerges Jebara, one of the heroes of the film, pointed out that the film constituted for him a rich experience and a milestone in his artistic career by working with the director Abdel Hamid as he presented something different from what he presented on TV, underlining that the reopening of the Al-Kindi   cinema is an enrichment of the cultural situation and an important addition for Syrian cinema.

Rawaa Ghanam.