Two short films in "Cinema at Home" screenings

The Public Cinema Foundation provides free viewing of  short feature films via the vimeo platform.The movie (joury) and the movie (Rajaeen"Returnings"),are currently the chosen films.This  falls within the grant of the Youth Cinema Support Project, and this step comes within the (cinema at your home) initiative that the Foundation recently launched to contribute in facilitating in a useful way the period of time of people  staying in their homes in line with precautionary measures to prevent corona virus.

_ joury

 The short film (Joury), a screenplay and script directed by Yazan Najdah Anzour, starring: Pierre Dagher, Robin Issa, The Child Shahd Al Zalq, Muhammad Nizam Raad, Majd Al-Zand, Ahmed Habash, Ali Ibrahim, produced by the General Cinema Organization.

  The film tells the story of a young girl whose residents of the  city she comes from were massacred by armed groups.


 This short film is written and directed by Muhammad Sammak, starring: Mustafa Al-Mustafa, Rosina Ladkany, Ameer Barazi, Bilal Martini, Samer Al-Zalam, Marwa Al-Atrash, Hussam Iskaf, Tasnim basha, Moayad Al-Kharrat. And the production of the General Cinema in the project to support youth cinema.

The events of the movie revolve in the coffee of the Al-rawda in Damascus, it shows dialogues for the Syrians and the reality of the crisis that rocked the country and the migration of citizens, and hope of return.

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